A Gambian man sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Filipino wife in Hong Kong

On Wednesday, September 8, a court in Hong Kong sentences Ousainou Touray to live imprisonment for the murder of his 40-year-old wife, Cuyacot.

Sentence by a Hong Kong high court judge Alex Lee Wan-tang, Touray, 39, was found guilty of all seven jurors after 15 hours of deliberation.
The Gambian-born, Ousainou, who pleaded not guilty, turned himself to police on April 10, 2019. According to The Chronicle Gambia, he was then “arrested as officers found bloodstains on two fingers on his hands.

Before the death of Cuyacot, the couple had a fight in which Ousainou says his wife might have been hit by “accident” calming they went to bed together after the “chaotic” fight.
On the other hand, a neighbor who testifies in court said the contrary. The neighbor said loud noise came out of the couple’s flat in the early hours of April 9, adding that there was no more noise by noon coming from the flat that same day.

Touray also told the court that he found his wife dead after waking up the next day—he then prayed for his wife, “wrapped her with a bedsheet and placed a Quran on top of her body.”

During the first court hearing, The prosecutor reveals that Adele Melano Cuyacot battled extensive “injuries and died of suffocation,” trashing out Ousainou’s claim of self-defense.
The couple fought a lot about Ousainou’s two other wives, despite Cuyacot knowing about them before they got married. It was one of the reasons for the fight before the death of 40-year-old Cuyacot, which Ousainou shared with the court.

Ousainou arrived in Hong Kong in 2012 on a recognizance form issued by the immigration department, meaning he cannot work in Hong Kong. Touray has a criminal record, including possession of dangerous drugs in 2015 and common assault in 2017.
The couple met in 2015 when Ousainou was holding a recognizance form issued by the immigration department

source: The Chronicle Gambia

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