5 Tips For Weight Loss That Work

5 Weight Loss Tips

Over the years, we have come across many loss weight tips. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight—might look more challenging than we thought, but it doesn’t mean it is not achievable. With the right tips, a healthy loss of weight is possible.

In addition, losing weight has many health benefits—you don’t even need to lose that much weight to achieve them. Research has shown that losing just 5%-10% of your body helps reduce the risk of certain cancer diseases. Loss of weight—also improve your self-esteem, boost sex drive and energy level, help lower blood sugar, improve your heart health, decrease the risk of stroke, among others.
As Wednesdays are wellness Wednesdays at The Sisters Show, in this blog, we will share with you proven loss weight tips that wouldn’t empty your bank account. Remember, health is wealth.

Track your diet and exercise

This tip came first because it’s essential! You don’t lose weight if you do not have a record of your food intake and exercise. If you want to lose weight, you should be aware of everything you eat and drink. The best way to do this is to have a journal or a mobile app to keep records of your weight loss progress. You can continue using a tracker even after you achieved your weight loss goals.

Eat well, don’t starve yourself.

You don’t need to undernourish yourself to lose weight! You don’t need to skip a meal to lose weight. One fundamental rule in weight loss is a healthy eating lifestyle.
Pack your breakfast with protein. Perfect choices for high protein breakfast include oatmeals, eggs, nuts, quinoa porridge.

Moreover, cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates and replace them with high-fiber foods. Refined carbohydrates—such as white rice, bread, and pasta will do your body more harm than good. And sugary beverages and fruit juices are not good health choices as well.

Try replacing them with whole grain rice, eat bread and pasta but not the white versions, and drink more herb and green teas, fruits infused water, smoothies with water, and skimmed milk. And for unhealthy snacks, replace them with nuts, fruits, and seeds instead of high sugar snacks.


Don’t forget to embrace vegetables! Make them the star! Vegetables are low in calories, higher in fiber, and full of nutrition. When you make that pasta, packed it with more vegetables and less pasta, or your favourite fried rice, try the vegetable fried rice with shrimp and some chicken breakfast and thank us later.

Workout is as vital as food intake.

You don’t need a total gym to lose weight or stay healthy. Five minutes every day will make a huge difference. Home exercises routines are now easier than ever, with numerous mobile apps that can help you work out.

However, please don’t be hard on yourself; remember that fat in your body wasn’t build in one day or one week, so your weight loss journey will not do its magic in 48 hours. Start where you are and figure out which routines work for you best. People’s bodies are different, and what works for individuals will be different too.
Take one step at a time.

Keep unhealthy foods out of the house.

It is simple! If you don’t see them or have them at your disposal, you won’t eat or crave them. Instead of buying unhealthy sugary snacks, buy seeds, nuts, and vegetables like carrots. Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods that will not harm you.

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water! Drink a lot of water! And of course, I mean a lot of water! It’s imperative, especially before meals. Let it be the first thing you put in your mouth when each morning you wake up.

Good luck with your loss weight journey, and stay healthy!

We will love to hear from you and share the weight loss tip/s that worked for you.

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