Simple Ramadan Tips For Busy Professionals

Simple Ramadan Tips

Ramadan is a month of prayer–a month full of rewards for every good deed done in the month and an experience that purifies Muslims’ mind, body, and soul across the globe. Although it has been a test of endurance for Muslims–,it can also be a challenging month for busy professionals to balance work schedule and limited time to carter for iftar. Especially for women, who in most parts of the world are responsible for making meals during this holy month.

Nevertheless, we at The Sisters Show have put together for you things that can be done to ease the distress and worry surrounding it while managing our hectic time. If you’re a working mother or sister who cooks during this month or a brother away from family, these tips are for you.


There is no Ramadan tip without meal prep! Sometimes, there is a lot of pressures put on food during this month. Most families want to eat good homemade foods. Well, it is possible to eat delicious meals without having to cook them from scratch every day. Here are quick ways for meal prep.

Make a weekly menu

Shop all you need weekly

Plan at least one meatless meal a week

Pre-cook your proteins. This saves you a lot of time when doing the actual cooking.


Plan to use leftovers

Know what your family like to eat

Make your sauce and food seasonings to keep in the fridge.


Cook and chop vegetables and other ingredients to freeze.


Make use of your freezer to your fullest.




Don’t fill your plate more than you can eat! What we are saying here is don’t overload yourself. Ramadan inspires believers to be the best of themselves during this month and missing out on Iftar with family or loved ones or Taraweeh prayers might not always be a good one. If you are an employee, let your superiors know this is a religious obligation that significantly impacts your body and mind. Working overtime or late might not be a good idea. Please don’t get under pressure, be it at home making food or work, or you will see yourself burning out before the month goes halfway.


You might not want to run out of time to make your family smile during this month so, a tracking app will be a saviour. You are going to be busy, that very obvious! And it is easy to dehydrate and miss out on nutrition if one is not careful. So download an app that will help you stay healthy and balance for the whole month.


There is nothing wrong with asking your spouse to wash those vegetables while you do other things. There is nothing wrong with asking your siblings to arrange the table while cleaning the kitchen before serving the food. Always ask for help, don’t do things all by yourself. For couples, you must communicate well about wok around the household, especially this holy month of Ramadan–, it’s very vital.

Drink a lot of water! Drink a lot of water! Yes, even a lot more!
Stay healthy and realistic!

We wish you all a blessed Ramadan filled with joy and love.


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