Recommended Podcasts for April 2021

Sometimes we all need that little spark to brighten our days, especially in these trying times. Tv and books are great, of course, but if you’re looking for something more exciting, then podcast the answer. Whether you are driving to work, doing your daily workout, making that favorite recipe of yours, or just relaxing, podcasts get you covered; that is to say, you can listen to it anywhere and anytime. So, here are five podcasts that you can subscribe to this April; they are educative, entertaining and will boost up your level of self-esteem like never before.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Before I tell you about this podcast, is there anything that the Former US First Lady does that is not worthy of taking a look at? Obviously, no!
This podcast is a Spotify Original featuring Michelle Obama–where she dives in deep into conversations with family, loved ones, and even colleagues.
Previous topics include “Rising kids,” “the gift of girlfriends,” “what your mother never thought you.” All of these mentioned topics reflect health, family, and career with real-life revelations.
You can check it out here, and trust me; you will be eager for a new episode to be released once you start listening to it.


On Purpose Podcast

If you are at a stage in your life where self-doubt is killing you, where uncertainty about the future is just getting to your head, then “On purpose with Jay Shetty” is what you need to listen to right now.
Hosted by the renowned life coach and Think Like A Monk writer Jay Shetty–, this podcast features the world’s most insightful personalities who share their journey of finding their purpose in living an extraordinary life despite a world that questions people’s abilities. Previous guests include Alice Keys, Adam Grants, Kelly Rowland, and the late Kobe Bryant. Listen to the podcast, incorporate the lesson taught there, and see the magic!


I said what I said Podcast

Trust me; you knew I would not talk about just motivational and educational podcasts here only! Sometimes we need to laugh it all out and chill. I said what I said podcast–gets you! The hosts Jola Ayeye and FK Abdu termed the podcast “The Logos millennial experience.” Laughter, honest and hilarious opinions that nobody asked for are what you will get from the podcast. The bottom line is wherever you are in this world; you have the chance to be in Nigeria every week through this podcast.

Super Soul conversation

I bet many of us know about the impact this podcast has on us; that’s why we brought it up. Super Soul Conversation by Oprah Winfrey– awaken and connect you to the deeper meaning of life. The media Mogul interview “best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries as well as health and wellness experts.” This podcast can be your step closer to discovering and connecting your spiritual and inner self more. The previous interviewees include Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Ellen DeGeneres– to name a few.


The Sisters Show

Please don’t start to wonder which Sisters Show, lol. Apart from the blog and Talk show on Facebook and YouTube, we get a podcast for you too. If you can’t watch our weekly live shows, then the podcast is for you. Wherever you listen to a podcast from, we are there.

Go ahead, check out these podcasts and enjoy. And don’t forget to share with us in the comment sections some other podcasts you love listening to, which we haven’t mentioned here.

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