The 10 babies controversy: why would the South African woman fake her birth?

South African Woman with Newborn Babies

After the story of a South African woman who delivered 10 babies on the internet, controversy has surrounded the deck while an official report term it as “not true.”

But the million-dollar question is, why would the South African woman—fake about her delivery?

On June 8th, Pretoria news announced the birth of the 10 babies by Gosiame Thamara Sithole, quoting the woman husband as a source. After confirming the story by their local mayor, news outlets, including the BBC, the story. It then became a headline on major news outlets and mainstreams only for the government spokesman to said the mayor’s statement was based on the family’s word. And that no one has seen the babies yet.

Despite the uncertainty, donations started to flood in for the South African couples, including $70,000 from the IOL chairman Iqbal Surve. (IOL is the media group that owns Pretoria News).
Ten days after the story’s publication, suspicions began to rise after Pretoria News failed to disclose which hospital the woman delivered.

After turned out of events that included the fallout of the couples, Mr Tsotetsi—the dad of the alleged babies, asked people to stop donating and that his wife was missing. However, Mrs Tsotetsi, the wife came out to say her husband wants to benefits financially from the babies, Pretoria News reported.

Social works were able to track Ms Sithole, and she was admitted to a hospital for a medical test.
The medical examination shows that Ms Sithole had not been pregnant recently, terming the circulating news delivery as fake.
On the contrary, the independent Online owners of Pretoria News, where the story was first published, is still standing to its report accusing the hospital and provincial health authorities of “trying to cover up medical negligence.” It states that after a private investigation into the birth of the 10 babies.

The 37 years old is now under the mental health act for observations, where she will be provided with support.

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