Listen up! Hepatitis B can cause Liver Cancer–here is all that you need to know.

Hepatitis B remains a significant cause for many liver cancer complications, resulting in untimely deaths. This chronic virus can lead to severe liver damages, including liver failure.

According to the World Health Organization–, at least 60% of liver cancer cases in Africa result from late testing and treatment of Hepatitis. Despite been negligent in many parts of Africa, Hepatitis is becoming a burden and threat in Africa more than dying from HIV/AIDS or malaria.

The WHO Report further discloses that 325 million people are affected with Hepatitis B and C, which is ten times larger than the Global HIV epidemic adding that 3600 daily deaths occur. These deaths result from liver diseases such as liver failure and liver cancer, which is caused by the Hepatitis B virus.

In Africa, 60 million people are affected with Hepatitis B – resulting in 200 000 deaths yearly.

Causes, Symptoms, And Transmission

According to the NSH in the UK, most people infected in adulthood do not experience any symptoms to fight the infection unknowingly. Despite the unseen signs, infected persons can transmit the disease to others unknowingly. It can often take up to 3 months before one realizes that he/she is infected.

Nevertheless, the most common signs of Hepatitis B include (most of the time, these symptoms can be mistaken for flu, malaria, or other common illnesses).

High temperature, Fever, Loss of appetite, Yellowing of skin and eyes, a general sense of feeling unwell.

The virus– can be transmitted sexually–especially if one is not vaccinated against the virus. It can also be infected through exposure to infected blood, body fluid–such as saliva.

Risks, Prevention, and treatment 

Children and infants infected with the disease less than six years are likely to develop a chronic infection.

80-90 % who are infected during the first years develops chronicle infection

30-50% of children who are infected at the age of 6 develop chronic diseases.

When it comes t adults, less than 5% of healthy adults will develop a chronicle infection while 20-30% are chronically infected developed liver cancer.

It’s crucial, and it’s the mainstay for the treatment of Hepatitis B. the timely vaccine is vital, especially for newborn babies, as it will help them grow up with such a chronic disease.

While short-term Hepatitis B doesn’t need specific treatment, a long-term chronic HBV will be treated with medication to keep the virus under control.

We did a show where Dr. Jaye spoke deeply about Hepatitis B; you can check it out on our Facebook Page or YouTube page.

Remember, the more information you gather about a virus, the more likely you will pay attention to unusual signs your body or the ones around you are showing.


Sources: The World Health Organization, NHS UK


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