ST Singhateh: Gambia’s Living Legend In Music

From hosting amazing music shows to releasing great songs, ST Singhateh is undeniably The Gambia’s living legends in music, and we love to see that.

Called by fans with different names like “Brikama Boyo”, “Saluto”, and “Respecto”, the singer knows how to reflect his society in his music, making it for many to relate and connect with his songs. Mostly singing about struggling, appreciating parents’ efforts towards their children, celebrating the Gambian culture, party and love songs, Singhateh found himself capturing the heart of both the elderly and young.

Beginning his music career while hiding it from his mother, the award-winning Gambian artist– he found himself stuck between two worlds; education and music, only for his mother to discover about his song ‘Musu koyo’ (light-skinned woman in Mandinka). An encounter that was a game-changer for the then-upcoming artist. 

Over the years, his growth has been incredible, but most importantly, maintaining his consistency in a challenging music scene like Gambia’s while preserving his relationship with fans, stakeholders, and fellow artists is beyond imaginable.

 His hard work has always paid off–in 2017 and 2018, he won big at the Gambia’s most prominent music award, Wah Sa Halat Music Awards. His songs on youtube attract many viewers, making him one of Gambia’s most-followed artists, not to mention his events are a boom!

 In 2018, his ‘Saluto’ album launching took the country by storm, becoming the first artist to fill the 30,000 thousand capacity at the independent stadium, which was another gateway to some of the success and progress he is enjoying right now. The ‘Gambiana’ album, which was a “totally different album because it contains a lot of expressions on The Gambian way of life, with lots of typical Gambian stories”, was also a huge success, and fans represented all out with the Gambiana flags and hats. 

With an outstanding record of successful album launches and events to remember, the artist is set to launch another great piece of art in February 2022. Fans are beyond excited about the upcoming event.  Clear manifestation includes fans’ reactions since Kebba Kotto– a great song with amazing visuals. The tune has attracted tremendous views, and fans share video challenges of the songs on social media. 

Beyond music and making profits, the Brikama born is a big giver and donor to The Gambian society. As a result, he started the ST Foundation For Community Development– a non-profit organisation specifically to support Gambians, especially women and youths. Among its aims include “to also promote early childhood education and raising funds for hospitals; that the foundation will be used to influence his connections to raise funds to assist healthcare facilities in the country and promote tourism.”

ST Singhateh has been a significant part of Gambian music’s progress, and The Sisters Show are more than proud of him. Please share with us in the comment section your favourite song of ST.

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