Do You Think Feeling Bad Affects Our Mental Health?

We often think of mental health as something so far reached, but mental health includes your day to day feelings. We understand that sometimes it feels like society forcibly wants you to be happy, even when you are not. They might judge you for being sad; and considering that you are weak, but hey! It’s not true. It’s amazing that you feel sad and that you cry. We all have good days and as well as awful days. No one can be completely happy all of the time that is not humanly possible. It can happen that one day you will feel on top, and the next, you’ll just feel down. Most people are very good at masking their feelings when they are not feeling happy but it is quite okay to say you are not happy when something is affecting you. The first step to getting the help you need or the support you deserve is to be honest to yourself. There is a large fraction of  us particularly Africans or black people in general, we often hide our feelings because we can be judge in society very easily for being emotional.


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Sometimes when we are feeling low and down, we set on a mask to conceal the darkness that lies at the back of a smile. We totally understand that even getting out of bed can feel like a job itself. With sadness at times, there is no obvious motive for why you are feeling this way. We all have personally experienced that there’s a cloud hanging over our heads, and maybe you feel this at times. But, that doesn’t mean we should push people away from our lives. We do this because it is easier to overlook what is going on and also we may feel like is not good to disturb others with our issues. But moving through your issues and ignoring your issues are two entirely different things.

Whether that is chatting with someone about what is going on, discovering answers to what is grounding that feeling, or using coping methods such as drawing, yoga, mindfulness, and several more hale and hearty ideas, there are habits to assist you in getting throughout the bad days. It’s okay to feel down.

Let Yourself Feel

Let the bad day slide in, but dear don’t shut out what you are truly feeling inside. While this may be sore at times, recognizing your feelings can assist you in moving through them. Remember, you are not alone and you are not disturbing others: Everyone in life has issues. That doesn’t mean you are adding up to another person’s own issues if you share how you are experiencing. Also remember to take deep breaths to show compassion to yourself regularly. Listen to happy music is also a good thing to help shake off things a bit. Going for a run or doing somethings for yourself that you enjoy and not harming yourself can take the funk away. But you must first accept how you feel and then move through it with the best way possible. Remember it is a moment that shall pass. Comment below and let us know if anything resonate with you and what you would like for The  Sisters Team to blog about. Remember we are all in this together and together we can bring change, one sister at a time.

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