Tips For Navigating The Covid 19 Vaccination Process By Health Experts

Although millions of people worldwide have been safely vaccinated, many have not received the Covid 19 vaccine yet. For some, they are reluctant because of the misinformation they are receiving about the vaccines. Nevertheless, let us not forget that for the world to go back to normal, vaccines are crucial.

It is still Immunization week, and sharing with you the tips for navigating the covid 19 vaccination process is vital. Here is all you need to know about  before, during, and after taking the vaccines by UNICEF health experts.


Do your research:  Not every information online is correct about the vaccines, so don’t fall for them. Get your data from a reliable source like the UNICEF, WHO, or the responsible health authorities in your country.

Talk to your doctor: As much as you want to protect yourself from the deadly covid 19 virus–it is imperative to first take it to your doctor before taking the vaccine. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the covid 19 vaccines.

Take care of yourself: Don’t put tension on yourself! Just deciding to take the vaccine means you care about yourself and the world at large, so don’t panic. Drink a lot of water! Get a good night’s rest! And again, drink a lot of water! *LOL*


Stay safe: Make sure you follow the safety precautions at the facility and mask up!

Communicate: You don’t just want to be vaccinated. You want to do it the right way and protect yourself! So do communicate well with the doctor. Are you pregnant, or you have a comprise system? Please share it with them.

Keep your records: You don’t want to take the vaccine and leave. You should receive a vaccination card and make sure you keep it well. The information on the card should include when and where you took the vaccine.


Stay for monitoring: Even though it is “infrequent for server health corrections,” one should stay for about 15 minutes after taking the vaccine to make sure there are no immediate reactions.

Prepare for side effects: There might be mild to moderate side effects you may experience. This will include arm soreness at the injection site, mild fever, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint aches, chills, and diarrhea. If these symptoms continue for long or become more server, contact your health care provider immediately.

Be patient and keep yourself and others safe. According to UNICEF, “while these vaccines to be highly effective at protecting people against serious covid 19 illness, we are still learning if there are possibilities of a vaccinated person too caught covid 19”. Therefore, it is vital to continue to practice safety precautions.

Source: UNICEF website.


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