In spite of the crisis mode for several decades already the world has got to endure, humanity has been hit harder than ever before with many of us struggling to plan ahead while getting stuck in the present.

But still surviving the 2020 storm now feels more like winning a jackpot. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives, our mobility severely restricted, and perhaps less obviously, our experiences of time affected.

Call it the year that has pushed the world a little further down the drain than expected, yet into a standstill. When it all started, not everyone could be bold enough to predict a rather confusing escalating situation that has now the grappled the world to its feet with so much loss to our lives and needs all disrupted and dragged to a hopeless future.

However, letting your guard down isn’t the option right now but to reflect a lot on so many things, realized things that we took for granted or ignored totally before covid-19 hit us.

From the pandemic to death of family members and friends, floods and explosions that rendered thousands homeless and to even breakups and divorce.

So to those of us still blessed with the grace to remain alive, the time is set to reflect and give our time and lives the three important things mostly needed after casting them into the gutter:


Perhaps obvious to all, but genuinely worth the time for a reminder. We live in a world where people are so eager to increase the figures in their bank accounts irrespective of what damage it will cause to their health. This includes starring at a computer for more than 5 hours in the name of work, taking the risk to always work overtime even at the expense of being burned out.

2020 has shown us that no matter how you need money, your health is precious and should be priority for all. A simple factual image is the current world in unplanned lockdown.



In this day and age of technology, it is an undeniable fact that when the virus reached its peak, the world resorted to technology for rising problems solving.

An age where people should be able to work remotely, most parts of Africa in particular couldn’t reach expectations. Almost everything was shut down just because mechanisms to work or learn remotely was never in place neither factored.

Thus, this pandemic is a wake-up call to many African leaders on how to improve the continent in other to be at par with the rest of the world.





The famous says, “time and tides waits for no man.”

It is now a matter of getting into relentless action and do away with endless procrastination that still held us steps backward.

If you love someone show them right away, if you want to start a career now is the time, not later because you know not when you and I will depart this world.

So it is important to also show love to one other if we had not been doing so.

The time is now to do what you to do. Take a look at some of the people that inspired most of us in one way or the other, people like Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant, among others. They died very young but their legacy still lives with us. This is to say no one is too young to do good and no one is too poor to impact lives. It is now up to you to get picking up that courage and determination.

So, as we hoped and pray for the world to be normal again, it is quite noting to always remember these three life important things.



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