Gambians celebrate Gina Bass and Team Gambia as they exit Tokyo Olympics

Gina Bass and Team Gambia: Tokyo Olympics Celebration

It might be the end of Gambia’s Journey at the Olympics, but the team’s incredible performance is a sign Gambia is beyond ready for any international competition.
As team Gambia exists Tokyo Olympics with sprinter Gina bass finishing fourth at the women’s 200m semi-finals, Gambians at home and abroad have taken social media to celebrate the team’s incredible performance.
The Gambia participated in the Olympics with four Olympians—namely Gina Bass- athlete, Faye Njie-Judoka, Ebrima Camara-athlete, and Ebrima Sorrie Buaro-swimmer. They all broke their personal records in their respective areas of competition.

Here are some of the comments Gina and Team Gambia is receiving from Gambians.

Game over for team Gambia. It was indeed a successful and historic Olympics for the Gambia. Proud of all the participants from the motherland. It’s time now to start working on having more athletes in France 2024. Wrote Gambia sports journalist Babucarr Sey.

Momodou Bah, a BBC sports correspondent in the Gambia, also wrote that “Gina finished fourth in her semis with 22.67-she couldn’t make the final, but what a fight she’s put out there.

Bah went further to add that Gina is faster than that, and I hope she and all the other athletes get the support they deserve to train.

Well done, Gina bass and all our Olympics. We are super proud of you- ST Singhateh, Gambian artist.

We are proud of you for this achievement. We will celebrate you today and forever. Congratulations and more wins ahead. Gambia National Olympics on Instagram.


    Gambia’s Olympic Journey since 1984

The Gambia has been sending participants to the summer Olympics games since 1984 and boycotted the first two games for which the country was eligible to compete in 1976 and 1980. Despite no Olympics medal yet, the western African country has every year improved in their performance.

The Gambia National Olympics Committee was founded in 1972 and was recognized by the International Olympic Committed in 1976. Its first delegation to the Olympics Gambia were 10 participants who were all runners. Nevertheless, in subsequent years, the Gambia has sent more diverse Olympians in different areas, including a long jumper in 1996, boxing in 2008, wrestling in 1998, judoka in 2016 and 2020, a swimmer in 2016 and 2020.
Previous flagbearers included Adama Njie in 2000, Suwaibou Sanneh in 2012, Oumar Fye in 1984, Dawada Jallow 1988, 1992, and 1996 respectively, Badou Jack and Gina Bass in 2016 and 2020.

Source: Wikipedia

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