A Nurse pen down heart touching words as the world celebrates International Nurses Week

Heartfelt Words from a Nurse on International Nurses Week

Today 12th May is International Nurses Day. This is the last day of the week-long celebration set aside across the world to recognise the priceless services nurses render.
According to the World Health Organisation, the world needs 9 million nurses and midwives to reach the global sustainable development goal on health by 2030, revealing how important nurses are in the health care system.
As we join the rest of the world to celebrate this remarkable event, we at The Sisters Show are saying THANK YOU to all the nurses for been an important component of the health care system.

A Gambian Nurse by the name of Mustapha Jallow wrote a heart-touching message which we see worthy of sharing with you.

Mustapha Jallow is Nurse at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul, The Gambia. He serves at the pediatric department at the Neonatal ICU

Enjoy the piece below:


I’m a Nurse and it is my week, should I remind you to remember.
I’m a nurse and it’s 6a.m, the time for me to wake up from my beauty sleep and be on the road to the hospital with the sole goal of caring for you, the sick. Because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse,
I’m a nurse and I’m in my uniform so you can identify me by cadre.

I’m a nurse and I’m standing right beside the pregnant woman awaiting your arrival to this world, ready to accept you without not needing to know what tribe you would be, race or sex because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and at your bedside looking for what you would need before you even ask it. Because it is my duty and responsibility.

I’m a nurse and it is my duty and sole responsibility to do for you what you would’ve done for yourself if you were not on the hospital bed where I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and at your bedside, every morning to offer you, with respect, a warm bed bath, because I know you spent the previous day on the bed and in the same clothes and your comfort is the reason why I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and I’ll change your diaper every time I can.
It’s okay for you to be uncomfortable and I understand, really, but, your dignity preserved is my priority and your privacy secured is my armour, because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse, just a nurse, but you’ve told me things that are highly confident that no one in your next of kin list knows about, you “TRUST” me that much because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and while there are precautions I can take to protect against germs and viruses, there’s always a risk of catching something from a patient. Extreme forms of exposure include being accidentally stuck by a needle from a patient with a blood-borne illness or getting a splash of bodily fluid in my eyes. I “RISK” it because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and despite the intense pressure I face, I’m also the one who still has to take the time to answer all the questions you have about the TV in your room even when the questions don’t count, I “BEAR” because, I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and while my colleagues and I don’t get much downtime on the job, we’re still required to think critically in life or death situations as well as maintain our composure when working with difficult patients and their families, because, we’re nurses.

I’m a nurse and I deal with more than I can to end your pain and suffering.
I’m a nurse and I step on my emotions when I’m dealing with your open fracture that I know your only way out could be with an amputation but I make sure you don’t see what I’m going through while critically thinking of how to tell you that your limb would not be coming home with you because I’m a nurse.

I’m a nurse and I could tell you why, from now until you cannot listen anymore and I wouldn’t be done but know this finally, I’m a nurse because when you take your last breaths, the most agonising ones, I’ll be standing right next to you ensuring that you go well and I get to perform my last office on you, wish you well, put you together well and pray for you……
“In peace, may you leave this shore and in love may you find the next. Safe travels on your journey to the creator, may we meet again”.
Because of AYAMANURSE.




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