From Lagos to New York, 6 Looks to Dominate The Rest Of 2020

From Lagos to New York, senior Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics Africa, Marco Louis knows a lot about trends, and we are so glad to see what he has in stores as the top 6 trends to look out for. Marco shared lots of rich looks, but we will share our favorites that we think our sisters’ squads will love. And yes, all the looks were beautiful but sometimes, it may not make sense to walk around like you are on a catwalk. We are just saying, just because a model flaunts the look, it, doesn’t mean we can do that in the streets of NYC, California, Lagos or even Johannesburg. We think you all get the point; it just isn’t practical. Okay will show you what we are saying, and you shall agree.

Will you ever do this look if you are not doing a shoot or on a music video, or receiving an award? Probably not but it looks gorgeous on the model though.

1: Embellishment: Delving into the super-luxe trend, makeup is used to create jewelry like details on the skin. Glitter and sparkle are used outside of traditional ways. Cheeks, lips, as freckles. Why not? MAC has a host of uber reflective glitter available both in-store and online, take time this season to experiment with how you choose to wear your favorite sparkles.

Okay the look below is the look we love, and we can all see ourselves in it. Here at the sisters show, love and recommend all these beautiful makeup looks below.

2. Skin is always in: This season, skin in all its natural glory is all the rage. Though lightweight foundations like MAC Face and Body is the perfect formula to mimic youthful, healthy skin. Taking great care of your skin is ultra-important. Top up on your regular moisture throughout the day with MAC Prep + Prime Fix + mist. A light spritzes of this every few hours will make for all the moisture your skin needs.

3. Boldly Bronze: Bronzer has always been the easiest hack to give the skin an instant shot of sun power. This season, bronzer takes center stage as the star of all overlook. Consider your bronzer for eyes, cheeks and even lips pared with a lip conditioner for a monochromatic full look. MAC Matte Bronze is my go-to for creating a seamless finish.

4. Back to the future: Liner is the ultimate detail to create a more ‘done up’ finish to your look. The future of liner is, well, exactly that. Futuristic. As opposed to the classic take on winged liner as seen in the ’50s, this season calls for sharp, straight dagger-like finishes. Paired against natural modern skin and a conditioned lip the finish is almost warrior-like. MAC penultimate liner features a felt tip applicator making for easy and clean application without the fuss.

5.Monochrome: Sticking to our guns with this uniform trend, the color should not be dismissed. Makeup artists across the board have been featuring using lipstick on both cheeks and lips for an easy application for both pros and beginners. MAC Powder kiss lipstick in all its moisturizing matte glory is perfect for this. Visit a MAC store to select the perfect shade for you with one of our professional makeup artists.

6. Bold lips: MAC is known for its mélange of lip colors with shades and textures to suit any wearer out there. Bold lips have always been the easiest way to add an ultimate feminine detail without too much effort. Matte lips are still En Vogue and with countless shades available, all you need to do is spend some time with our pros to pick your favorite shade.

Comment below and let us know which look is your favorite and the look that is so you a the one that is no go. We will love to see how our sisters like their makeups so we can have Amy do few tutorials for your sisters.

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