Rema’s “Calm Down” Makes History as First Afrobeats Song to Surpass 1 Billion Streams in the US

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Rema, has hit a major milestone with his track “Calm Down,” which has officially become the first Afrobeats song to achieve over 1 billion on-demand streams in the United States. This remarkable feat underscores the global reach and growing influence of Afrobeats music.

Released in February 2022, “Calm Down” is a standout single from Rema’s debut album, *Rave and Roses*. The track’s success can be attributed to its unique blend of melancholy and hypnotic rhythms, elements that have resonated deeply with listeners around the world. Billboard magazine’s music analysts describe the song as a “melancholy slow jam with a subtle hypnotic draw,” highlighting its emotional depth and magnetic appeal.

The track’s monumental streaming numbers have been confirmed by the music monitoring platform Chart Data, solidifying its place in music history. As Rema continues to break barriers and set new records, “Calm Down” stands as a testament to his talent and the universal appeal of Afrobeats music.

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