Post-Election Reflection: Mbalula Pushes for GNU Following ANC’s 40% Vote Share

Post-Election Reflection: Mbalula Pushes for GNU Following ANC’s 40% Vote Share

Cape Town — In the wake of the recent national and provincial elections, ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula has emphasized the necessity of forming a Government of National Unity (GNU). Despite receiving only 40% of the vote, Mbalula remains resolute that the ANC will continue to lead South Africa forward.

Speaking to the media on Thursday night, Mbalula stated, “We are not going to retreat on the concept of GNU because we believe it represents the outcome of the elections. We did not get an outright majority. We are a 40% party. We have been supported and voted for by six million people who want us to continue with the transformation agenda to change the lives of the people forever.”

Mbalula highlighted that the GNU is crucial for ensuring that the ANC can effectively implement its transformation agenda, which aims to improve the lives of South Africans. He assured that all agreements made in forming the GNU will be transparent and public.

“We believe that the agreements we reach will be made public and engaged transparently,” he said.

The ANC has initiated discussions with several political parties to garner support for the GNU. These parties include the Democratic Alliance (DA), Patriotic Alliance (PA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), United Democratic Movement (UDM), Freedom Front Plus (FF+), RISE Mzansi, and Al Jama-ah. However, efforts to engage with the MK Party and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been unsuccessful. Notably, ActionSA has shown no interest in collaborating with the ANC.

Despite these challenges, Mbalula remains optimistic about the formation of the GNU. He stressed that none of the parties involved have an agenda to amend the constitution, ensuring that the Constitution will protect and guide the GNU’s operations.

“Despite political differences, none of the parties we are engaged with have the agenda to amend the constitution. The Constitution will safeguard the GNU,” Mbalula asserted.

As the ANC continues to navigate the complexities of coalition politics, Mbalula reaffirmed their commitment to engaging with all willing parties to achieve a unified goal for the nation’s progress.

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