MasterChef SA Season 5 Heats Up: Chef Zola Unveils Fiery New Talent!

MasterChef SA Season 5

As the culinary flames ignite, MasterChef South Africa Season 5 is set to dazzle viewers with sizzling talent and intense kitchen drama. Premiering on SABC3 on Saturday, 13th July at 19:30, the new season promises to deliver high-stakes cooking and mouth-watering dishes as 20 new contestants from across South Africa compete for the coveted title and a grand prize of R1 million.

A Fresh New Stage for Culinary Battles

The show has moved its culinary battles from Cape Town Harbour to a custom-built kitchen and pantry at Atlantic Studios. Primedia Studios, in collaboration with SABC3, brings this localized version of the Banijay format to a broader South African audience. With gleaming Beko appliances and a well-stocked Pick n Pay pantry, the stage is set for a season filled with surprises and culinary excellence.

Behind the Scenes: A Day on Set

During a recent day-long set visit, the MasterChef SA contestants were seen conjuring up delightful dishes for the three esteemed judges – Katlego Mlambo, Zola Nene, and Justine Drake. The massive two-studio space, which includes a lounge area and cook-off workstations, was abuzz with activity as producers, crew, and cameramen captured every moment and soundbite, distilling hours of footage into 45-minute episodes.

The Contestants: Skill and Competition

From baking and basting to seafood and curries, the 20 contestants will face significant challenges behind the pots and pans. The competition includes stressful invention tests and mystery box challenges, occasionally featuring world-renowned local chefs. Katlego Mlambo notes, “The contestants are only as good as their last plate, and anything can happen. It’s a constant race against the clock, and one flop could cost them their MasterChef apron.”

Justine Drake adds, “The competency of this season’s home cooks is much higher than in the previous season.” Zola Nene echoes this sentiment, saying, “I was surprised by their clear understanding of advanced cooking techniques and knife skills. These people can cook. The question is, who will continue to improve and rise to the top?”

Inside the Pick n Pay Pantry

The pantry, a chef’s dream, includes everything from fresh produce to grocery basics and delightful surprises like quail eggs. It features double-door fridges with all types of dairy, cheese, charcuterie, red meat, and chicken, alongside a freezer section with ice cream, frozen berries, and seafood. The pantry also showcases products from the Pick n Pay Innovations range and the Healthy Live Well range. Notably, it has a packaging-free section to help limit waste.

Katlego Mlambo expresses his admiration, saying, “Every time I walk into the Pick n Pay pantry, I’m blown away. It’s a chef’s dream come true.”

The Sponsors

The fifth season also sees Beko Appliances making their debut sponsorship on South African TV. Alongside Beko, @home, Mervyn Gers’ bespoke crockery, and Wüsthoff knives will be prominently featured.

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