Picking Up the Pieces After the Pandemic BEGINNER FRIENDLY BROW TUTORIAL (Beginners Series)

Beginner-Friendly Brow Tutorial Image

Who said we cannot get all dolled up during the pandemic? At a time when everything is gloomy and things are at a standstill for most parts of the world, it is even more imminent to do self care. You want to keep your spirits up and not allow this unfortunate period to take over your life. For us women, that includes working out or at least staying active. It also means, to sometimes take the time to take care of our skin and to also wear our makeup and to take care of our hair. Even if we wear weaves or wigs, just taking the time to pamper ourselves goes a long way; by taking long baths, washing and deep conditioning our hair, just feels so refreshing and lovely.

We hope this inspires you to start if you were drifting away from your routine, or to start if you have been planning to do so. Pickup the pieces and let’s start with basic makeup tutorials. Learning new tips can sometimes give us that excitement to get going again. So, let’s pickup that eyebrow pencil again and make ourselves fall in love with self care.
Amy has been doing Beginners Makeup Series for us sisters. They are short, fun educative and straight to the point tutorials. Enjoy it and see you soon on the next one.
Have a wonderful day!

Products Used: Anastasia DipBrow (Ebony), Benefit Brow Pencil – Number 6, Juvias Place Concealer – Number 8, Foundation: Beauty Blender Number 4.60, Brushes: E10 And E20,Powder: Maybelline Powder – Number 355 * Got2B Glue Spray


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