Having a good and effective morning routine is very important and can increase your productivity. A presumably fruitful day ahead is more likely assured and can give you access to great amounts of energy. You can use your initial morning hours to deal with things that require more mental focus. Successful people we celebrate today can relate to such and it has become a fixated part of their daily lives towards attaining their goals.

In this busy world of ours, time is priceless, yet insufficient to keep. Mostly one wakes up early rushing to fix kids breakfast and including other home chores that needs to be done before rushing to your office or classroom. This often rushes us to give the full amount of focus on trying to deliver on other people’s terms and completely forget about ourselves.  But have you ever asked yourself whether you exclusively have a morning routine you dedicate to for your well-being?

Well, in this blog you will have the chance to get to know one of the most recommended and effective morning routine by HAL ELROD from his best-selling book titled: THE MIRACLE MORNING. The author used 6 steps famously known as the life S.A.V.E.R.S. Each alphabet found in the S.A.V.E.R.S has a meaning and a role to transform your life for good. He recommends waking up each day 30 minutes before your normal wake-up time has incredible and long-lasting benefits.


1 SILENCE: The first routine the author particularly mentioned “very important.” Instead of waking up to rush to your daily activities, browsing your mail, or checking your social media pages; why not take a moment just to observe silence! During this time, you can mediate, you can pray and just enjoy your own company. Even if, it’s less than 5 minutes every morning.

2 AFFIRMATION: You need a daily affirmation and this reminds you every morning how you can conquer the world, how capable you are and of course, how to re-energize you to take the necessary actions of your life.So, whether you write them down somewhere to read every morning loud or you have them by heart, just take a moment of your morning to remember them. Let it be a simple reminder of what you want to achieve.

3 VISUALIZATION: Imagining how your future will look like. This could be your goals or your aspirations, just visualize them. Imagine you’re enjoying your work and smiling, you’re winning that dream project, etc. You’re likely assured to surround yourself with positivity. And this is very important! Because it allows you to see the future you want to create and when you go back to your normal day, your energy and motivation is unstoppable.

4 EXERCISE. This doesn’t necessarily mean you go to the gym every morning. No, it could just be a simple yoga, a short distant walk even within your house, or just stretching and moving your body. You don’t have to be an expert or a master of all. Many studies showed that exercise in the morning allows the brain to be productive. So, be active and don’t start your day, lazy.

5 READING: Read even if it’s just one paragraph, one page; it’s very vital. Instead of rushing to leave your home, if you read every morning, you learn new things, you will get inspired and this could help you through your day and in the long run of your life.

6 SCRIBBLING: Finally, pull out your journal and write what you are grateful for the day, what was good about yesterday and the results you are committed to creating for the day ahead. Doing this, you put yourself in an inspired, empowered and confident state of mind.

You can spend 5 minutes on each of them but if you think you are extremely busy, a minute of your time on each day could help. Before stepping out of your bed you could do all of them. You don’t have to strictly follow them chronologically but try as much as possible to bear them in heart and make them a part of your daily journey to your success goals. Be reassured of the magic!



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