Tragic Loss: Tanzanian Student Killed in Hamas Attack in Israel

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Tanzanian student Joshua Mollel, initially reported as taken hostage by Hamas in Israel, has been confirmed dead. Working as an agricultural intern at a kibbutz attacked by Hamas gunmen on October 7, Joshua Mollel became the second student casualty following his colleague, Clemence Felix Mtenga.

Tanzania’s Foreign Minister, January Makamba, conveyed that Joshua Mollel was killed immediately after being taken hostage. His father, Loitu Mollel, has been informed of the devastating news. The Mollel family is yet to make a statement.

The kibbutz authorities in Nahal Oz revealed in a Facebook post that Joshua Mollel’s body is being held by Hamas. The attack on Kibbutz Nahal Oz claimed the lives of dozens of residents, including the two Tanzanian students who had arrived in Israel just a month prior.

With approximately 350 Tanzanians, primarily students pursuing agricultural studies, residing in Israel, this tragedy underscores the harsh reality faced by those pursuing educational opportunities abroad. The incident adds to the toll of lives lost in the ongoing Israeli operation in Gaza, where Hamas reports 18,600 casualties since the October 7 attack.

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