Have you ever wondered of someone moving to a foreign land to do big things and boom! Bigger things start to happen. Well, that’s Maimuna Krubally for you. Maimuna Krubally is a 20-year-old Gambian who moved to the UK when she was 15. Living with her family, she studied health and social care. Taking her inspiration from her mum, Maimuna hopes to enroll into university studying nursing, a profession she terms as! “Noble and caring”.
In March, Maimuna successfully auditioned for Miss Africa Great Britain, one of the biggest pageants in the United Kingdom. According to her, she entered the competition to work on projects she is passionate about which include “empowering young girls and women to take the space and also make their voices heard”. The winning queen of the competition has the chance to travel back to her country on a charitable mission of her choice and this mounts Maimuna’s inspiration to join the competition.

Moving forward, Maimuna shared with The Sisters Show how participating in this contest increased her inspiration for many things. She mentioned that “when I started this beauty contest, all I want was a platform to shine and express myself. As I went through the process, I realised I wanted more to it. I am now inspired to set up a mentorship foundation for girls who dream to use their beauty and talent to shine, develop from it and contribute to the society. I am motivated with this by the fact I didn’t get this far so easy, there were and still so many challenges but with courage, perseverance and the right support anything is possible”. Been part of the finalists of Miss African Great Britain, Maimuna beliefs winning the competition will give her the “opportunity to reach out young girls and to have a positive influence in their lives. This way, I would also give back to society that has given me so much!”

Miss Africa Great Britain was founded in 2011 to give African girls living in Britain a platform to showcase not only their beauty but most importantly their culture, talent and creativity.
The main goal is to use allure of beauty queen and models as tools to advocate for the needy and campaign or raise fund for the less privileged. The winner of the competition supported by the organization travels back to her home country on a charity mission. This year’s finals is expected to be a virtual grand finale on the 16th and 17th October 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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