Meet Abiola Fatima, First Female Nigarian Train Driver

Meet Abiola Fatima, First Female Nigarian Train Driver

🌟 In today’s spotlight, we celebrate the incredible Abiola Fatima Isa, breaking barriers as the first female Nigerian train driver! Trained in China for a remarkable two years, Isa’s journey led her to become proficient in driving various trains, including locomotives, for China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) Nigeria.

Having also served as a driver’s assistant in China for an additional two years, Isa’s dedication and passion for her work shine through. Her ambition extends beyond personal accomplishments; she expresses a desire to share her knowledge by teaching others the skills she acquired during her training.

Isa, a key figure in the commissioning of the Abuja light rail, engaged in a profound conversation with President Buhari during transit with dignitaries. This monumental achievement places her alongside other iconic Nigerian women like Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, the first woman to drive a car, and Chinyere Kalu, the first female Nigerian commercial pilot.

Abiola Fatima Isa has played a pivotal role in witnessing the construction and operation of standard gauge railways and light rail systems, including the transformative Lagos-Ibadan Railway. Her joy and satisfaction in contributing to these developments are palpable.

Let’s come together to celebrate this extraordinary achievement! 🚂🎉 Share your support and admiration for Abiola Fatima Isa in the comments below👇🏾. Here’s to inspiring future generations and breaking more barriers! 👏👩‍🔧🌍

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