Atlanta's 1998 Love Story Anniversary

It’s time for a love story! Once upon a time in Atlanta 1998, an 18-year-old girl met a guy in his early 20s. Since then, its just love, joy and looking out for each other.
Maybe you have come across Awamary and Malik khan! Well if you haven’t, they are a Gambian couple who are happily married for over two decades and winning together as far as business and ecosystem is concern. Oh! With three beautiful kids as well. An amazing short introduction, right? But this took years of sacrifice and tolerating each other.
Malik and Awamary’s first meeting can be dated back to July 4th 1998 in Atlanta, at a Gambian reunion. Young by then, Awamary was 18 and Malik 21. After two years of dating, the couple said “I DO” with the belief of been one which never failed them.

The rate of divorce is getting high, true! But don’t be carried away, we have also seen marriages that last forever. And the Khans is just one of them.
The ultimate goal of marriage is finding a life partner who you can do everything with. Build a happy family together, tolerate each other, love each other forever, help each other grow, the list goes on.
One unique thing about Awamary and Malik is always seeing themselves as one unit. This has helped them to build a lot together beyond just husband and wife. But a lifetime partnership and legacy.
“We consider ourselves a unit- we are simply one. What is his, is mine and vice versa. We support each other’s aspirations and dreams. We knew we were working for our future, our legacy. Our legacy not only included the benefits of owning our own to take care of our unit, but also social impact for greater good. We can’t go back and say that one of us decided to work together. If you consider yourself one, decisions are made together”, the couple shared with The Sisters Show.


Surviving the first year of marriage is believed to be tough and challenging to many. Just like when hard times arises along the way years after marriage. On the contrary, it was fantastic for the Khans; communication, trust and faith led them through.
“We were both very young and life at that time was fantastic. We were both completing our studies, so our schedule and life reflected that genre of hustle. We practically grew up together; Our relationship strides on faith and individual growth. We put God’s love first.
All things in life will endure hardships. It is up to the people involved to trust, communicate, and have faith. For us, communication is key. The biggest, do not sweat the small stuff. Just as hardships come in, they end. You must understand your partner, be honest, have the motto of loves comes first, and focus your energy on the good, always. Let go of the ego and talk it out!”

It is said a couple that wins together stays together! But working together as business partners too can be tough sometimes as a couple. A lot of courage and understanding is involve. Malik and Awamary Khan are the founders of Innovate Gambia, initiatives created to foster economic development in the Gambia. According to them, finding the balance between their marriage and been business partners was based on mutual respect.
“What worked for us was to make sure that mutual respect, space, and responsibilities were defined. We both play specific roles based on experience and passion. We also always focus on the big picture and our why’s. All of what we do is for our children. Emotions aside, we focus on what is important; business is business, fights or not, the show must go on. Therefore, communication is key to solving a lot in marriages”, said the couple.
Everything said and done, in marriage you have to always “Keep it fresh and exciting, communicate and do not sweat the small stuff, and date your husband often!
Marriage is sacred, your spouse should be your best friend. It takes a lot of sacrifice, therefore, remember why you are in it. Keep your relationship tight and not share things that are happening at home with friends and family members that can be super judgemental. Keep it fresh, always, this goes for both. Go on plenty of dates, travel together, enjoy life together. Find time to talk, often! All things in life require sacrifice, hard work, and passion. No difference with marriages”, advised the Khans.

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