‘He Loved Me Loudly’: LaConco Opens Up About Her Relationship with Zuma

‘He Loved Me Loudly’ LaConco Opens Up About Her Relationship with Zuma

TV star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco recently took to social media to share the intimate details of her relationship with former South African President Jacob Zuma. In a heartfelt series of Instagram stories, LaConco described a love story that spanned years, from their first meeting to welcoming their baby boy.

A Love Story Spanning Years

Reflecting on the early days, LaConco shared that their romance began in 2010 and continued for four years before they got engaged. She described how they created a private bubble for themselves, keeping their relationship under wraps. “People around me could tell I was in love but didn’t know with whom. His circle felt my presence too,” she revealed. Despite the secrecy, LaConco’s love for Zuma was evident to those close to her, while some of Zuma’s acquaintances managed to uncover her identity.

Frequent Travels and a Test of Loyalty

During their relationship, LaConco’s life was marked by frequent travels, often staying in hotels weekly. She noted that sometimes, she would only see Zuma for brief moments, which tested her loyalty to her values and principles. “I was constantly flying, staying in hotels every week. Sometimes, I would only see him for 30 minutes, and that was enough,” she explained. These experiences underscored the challenges and commitments that defined their relationship.

Engagement and Lobola Negotiations

LaConco vividly remembers the day of her lobola negotiation, an intimate affair shared between their families. Despite his busy schedule, Zuma made sure to call and express his excitement. “He was in between meetings but made sure to call and express his excitement. I felt like I was in a dream the whole day,” she reminisced. The negotiators were impressed by LaConco, acknowledging the values instilled in her by her mother.

In November 2016, Zuma made a significant request. He asked LaConco to find a symbol to signify their engagement, leading them on a quest to find the perfect ring. While she searched in Cape Town and Pretoria, it was in Durban that she found the ring that felt just right.

Virginity, Pregnancy, and Unconditional Love

Maintaining her virginity was a personal choice for LaConco, not necessarily linked to marriage. “After he paid lobola, I never felt pressured. When I was ready for the baby dance, it happened,” she shared. LaConco emphasized that her position in Zuma’s life was never in doubt because of his demonstrative love. “He loved me loud behind closed doors,” she affirmed.

Zuma was the first to recognize her pregnancy, which initially upset LaConco. “My breasts were the first sign. He told me I was pregnant; yoh, it pissed me off… He said there’s a bridge that will connect us forever,” she recounted. Initially worried about her health, LaConco was relieved to find out she was expecting.

Welcoming Their Baby Boy

In April 2018, LaConco revealed the gender of their baby—a boy named Sakhaumuzi. Zuma’s joy was evident when he learned he would have a son. “He said to me gender didn’t matter, but when he learned it was a boy, he was overjoyed. He named him Sakhaumuzi, meaning ‘we are building a home,’” LaConco shared.

LaConco’s candid reflections on her relationship with Zuma offer a glimpse into their unique love story, marked by deep affection, challenges, and the joy of building a family together.

LaConco relationship with Zuma

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