4 African Content Creators to Follow on Instagram this Black History Month

African content creators on Instagram for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month this February, it’s crucial to spotlight and support the impactful voices of African content creators who are shaping narratives and inspiring audiences on platforms like Instagram. From diverse topics like finance to humor, activism to entrepreneurship, these creators offer unique perspectives that deserve recognition and celebration. Here are four African content creators you should add to your Instagram feed:

Dalilila Umutoni Nasser | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Humanitarian

Hailing originally from Congo but now residing in Montreal, Canada, Dalilila Umutoni Nasser shares her everyday experiences on Instagram, covering many topics, including motherhood, lifestyle, and humanitarian work. With a straightforward yet impactful approach, she sheds light on ongoing conflicts in Congo and Palestine, advocating for awareness and support. For genuine and engaging content that offers a unique perspective, follow Dalilila and immerse yourself in her meaningful journey.

Reni | Finance | Travel | Podcast

Meet Reni, your go-to guru for all things finance and travel. Reni stands out by offering valuable insights into financial literacy and investment strategies. Through her podcast, “Don’t Die Trying,” she simplifies complex financial concepts and engages listeners with knowledgeable discussions. Reni also shares tips on career advancement, catering to audiences at various stages of their professional journey. As a trusted resource in finance, career, and travel, Reni is a must-follow for anyone seeking practical advice and inspiration.

Tida Jobe | Influencer | Comedian 

Tida Jobe, a comedian and influencer from The Gambia, brings her audience laughter and cultural insights through her content in English and local Gambian dialects. Recognized as an award-winning creator in her home country, Tida’s unique style offers a refreshing escape from the mundane. While her focus is primarily on comedy, she also addresses essential topics relevant to daily life in The Gambia. With a rapidly growing Instagram following, Tida’s humor and cultural commentary resonate with audiences worldwide.

Aisha Janki Akinola | Beauty | Travel | Lifestyle | Entrepreneur

Aisha Janki Akinola, a Nigerian creator based in the U.K., showcases diversity and vibrancy on her Instagram page. From celebrating milestones with her family to exploring different cultures with friends, Aisha’s page offers a glimpse into her dynamic lifestyle. Beyond her captivating content, Aisha is also an entrepreneur, receiving recognition for her beauty tech startup, Janki Robotics. With her innovative spirit and engaging presence, Aisha embodies the essence of entrepreneurship and cultural celebration.


In conclusion, this Black History Month, let’s amplify the voices of African content creators who positively impact and shape the narrative on Instagram. By following these five creators, you’ll discover inspiring content and contribute to celebrating and recognizing Black excellence and creativity. Join the movement and embark on a journey of empowerment, education, and cultural appreciation.

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