Nine People Murdered and Eight Injured on Day of Reconciliation in South Africa’s Rustenburg

9 people shot dead in Rustenburg, South Africa

In a tragic turn of events on the Day of Reconciliation holiday, nine individuals, including four women, fell victim to a mass shooting in the North West province. The incident occurred at Popo Molefe informal settlement in Boitekong, just outside Rustenburg, where a group of Xhosa-speaking people were gathered in a yard, enjoying an evening of shared camaraderie and festivities.

Shortly after 9pm, assailants, reportedly speaking Sesotho, indiscriminately opened fire on the group. The unprovoked attack resulted in the immediate death of eight individuals, while a ninth succumbed to injuries upon arrival at the hospital. An additional eight people suffered injuries in the violent incident.

The motive behind this senseless act remains unknown, prompting North West provincial commissioner Lt-Gen Sello Kwena to establish a dedicated team to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Police spokesperson Brig Sabata Mokgwabone conveyed the commissioner’s condemnation of the horrific incident, emphasizing the commitment of law enforcement to work tirelessly in pursuit of justice.

As the community reels from this shocking act of violence, the authorities are actively engaged in uncovering the motives and apprehending those responsible for the heinous crime. The profound loss of five men and four women on a day meant for reconciliation underscores the urgency and gravity of the ongoing investigation.

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