These Gambian International Footballers Are Inspiring The Next Generation Of The Country’s Footballers

Been a professional football¬-in The Gambia can be tougher than one could ever imagine. The country though with great skills of young talents, players struggle with limited football resources to  grow into world stars.

Nevertheless, some have tried to break the chain of “it can’t happen to we are living our dream”. In this blog, we will share with you some young Gambian talented footballers–who are doing amazingly well on the international pitch and inspiring the next generation of Gambian footballers.

Assan Ceesay

Starting Football on the streets, Ceesay is one of the Gambia National Team leading goal scorers. His eye for goal is known by every key follower of Gambian football. Currently playing for Switzerland’s FC Zurich-, Assan’s historic goal took The Gambia to her first-ever AFCON Tournament– in the history of the country. Assan’s desire to achieve more in football is one of the three things that motives him to train more, he once shared with The Sisters Show in an interview.


Bubacarr Trawally


Famously known as Steve for his incredible football skills, he is currently on loan at Ajman Club. Trawally football career started with Gambia’s Real de Banjul in 2014 before moving to the Chinese Super League in 2015. With six international caps for his home country, Trawwally made his debut in The Gambia during an AFCON qualifying match in 2015.

Apart from focusing on his career growth, Bubacarr is a generous giver to society. As a result of that, he founded The Steve Trawally Foundation, a non-profit organization.


Pa Modou Jagne

Photo: The Point

In an interview published by John Mendy’s Plus.GM, it is fascinating how Pa Modou Jagne quitted school to pursue football in a country with countless flaws  associated with football. However, it was a risk worthy of taking which led to many success stories like been the Gambia national football team captain. Despite been with no international club currently, Jagne is one of the most experience Gambian footballers with over a decade of experience as a professional player.


Ebrima Darboe

Photo: The Chronicle Gambia

Darboe just made his way to the Italian Serie A with AS Roma-inking a contract to new beginnings in football. The Gambian defensive is a promising young talent who is not wasting any opportunity that comes his way. Ebrima is one of the thousands who took the deadly Mediterranean way to Europe in search of greener pasture.

Musa Barrow

Photo: Getty 

Were we expecting a complete list without Musa? Obviously no! the 21-year old who move to Bologna is one of the Gambia’s most skilful and celebrated footballer. As young as he is, he has grown and made name for himself as far as professional football is concerned. Moving from Atlanta to join Bologna in early 2020 on loan, the professional soccer player made his debut in the Champions league in 2019. In an article published by BBC Sports, Massimo Brambilla who coached Barrow at the youth level describe him to be “like a young Ciro Immobile”.

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