Yuva, a Renowned Gambian Music Icon, Bids Farewell to the Music Industry

Image featuring Yuva, the Gambian music icon, during a performance or related event.

In a heartfelt announcement on his Facebook page, Abdoulie Jallow, known as YUVA, has declared his retirement from all music-related activities in the Gambia. He shared that this decision came after much contemplation and soul-searching, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for him.

Yuvaa founded Plus TwoTwo Zero, an agency focusing on digital music distribution, publishing, and artist management. Since its establishment, the agency has played a pivotal role in introducing Gambian music to international audiences and has been instrumental in the Gambian music scene. His top clients included award-winning artist Jizzle, with whom he has worked on various projects.

With a career spanning several years, Yuva shared his sentiments on music’s profound impact on his life. He expressed his gratitude for the invaluable collaborations and partnerships forged along the way and acknowledged the pivotal role played by artists, producers, promoters, and fellow music enthusiasts. Notably, heartfelt appreciation was extended to the artists who placed their trust in him from the agency’s inception in 2017, with a special mention to Haddy Faye for being the trailblazer in this endeavor.

Reflecting on the agency’s mission to revolutionize the music consumption landscape, Yuvaa emphasized empowering artists to monetize their craft. With Plus Two Two Zero’s dedication to digitally distributing music, Yuvaa takes pride in the strides made toward this noble goal.

Despite Yuvaa’s retirement, Plus Two Two Zero is set to continue operations under Alagie Jallow, who has been groomed and mentored for over two years. Jallow is poised to carry the agency’s legacy forward and uphold its commitment to supporting artists.

The Sisters Show wishes Yuvaa all the best in his new endeavor and thanks him for contributing to the Gambian music industry.

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