Eid ul Fitr 2021 Through The Lens: Here Are Some Amazing Moments Muslims Captured

Muslims around the world celebrated Eid ul Fitr in colourful ways to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
The internet saw some amazing moments and stunning outfits by Muslims all around the globe.

Here are some of the photos that took our breath for a second during the day of Eid.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share yours with us.

A Palestinian woman takes a selfie during Eid prays in Palestine, despite the unrest. This is called having hope even during uncertain moments.

Photo: Reuters

Palestinians having Eid prayers despite the unrest surrounding the Islamic nation currently.

Photo: AFP


Fatou Camara’s Eid moments

Fatou Camara’s eid outfits are the perfect fashion inspiration, especially for someone looking forward to wearing African attire for an Africa ceremony.

Photos: Fatu Camara on Facebook


Mother—son goals perfectly shown in Haddy Faye’s Eid photo with her son.

Photo: Haddy Faye, Instagram

The Gambian business mogul—did not fail to look stunning as usual with her son. This will be a great inspiration for a mother-son duo outfit.


Cut N Fit founder serving us family goals

Photo: CutNFit, Instagram

The internet couldn’t ask for more after the Beraud’s served us gorgeous family inspo—outfits during the eid celebrations.

Ghana’s media personality—Berla Mundi also gave us a modest fashion.

Photo: Berla, Facebook


Comment on below and let us know your favourite moments too.

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