5 Songs Uplifting And Celebrating African Women Through Music

Songs Celebrating African Women Through Music

Music is a potent tool for uplifting and celebrating women at all stages of their lives. Many of us turn to music when dealing with uncertainties in our lives or when in a celebrating mood.

Across the African continent, African artists—have used music to support, fight, advocate and celebrate African women making notable changes in the lives of thousands of people.

Considering that, here are five songs that celebrates everything about African womanhood you should include in your playlist—and if it is there already, maintaining it, there is very vital *winks*.


In a world when we find ourselves dealing with bullying something even in unexpected cases, “Batonga” is a perfect choice to restore that confidence of yours.

Written and recorded by the iconic artist Angelique Kidjo, the song “Botonga” was a word invented by Kidjo while just 11 years old. Dealing with bullies, the Grammy-winning artist—was tasked by her father to develop a word that would express how she felt. That is how Batonga came up, meaning, “get off me my back; I can be whoever I decided to be and do what I want to do. If I want to stay in school, it’s none of your business”.


One of the biggest songs from the continent feels new no matter how long one doesn’t listen to it. African Queen by Nigerians 2Face celebrates African beauty and dark skin with a top-notch video featuring Annie Idibia.

The first lines of the song, which says, “just like the sun, light up the earth, you light up my life”, are perfect words to listen to when doubting how beautiful your skin is.


Woman by Nigeria’s Simi is not just a song but an anthem! It inspired the viral hashtag in Nigeria, #nobodylikewoman. She points out society’s unequal treatment by demanding an equal system; Simi—uplifts women in a melodious voice with strong lyrics.

“Décorée” by Jeeba

Written and sung by Senegalese artist Jeeba, “Décorée” honours women working hard to attain financial independence. The video features some of Senegalese’s most celebrated television personalities.

“Hol Ma”by Royal Messsenger

“Hol Ma” by the talented Gambian Royal Messenger “Hol Ma” celebrates the strong African woman. With appealing visuals, the African woman’s beauty is portrayed throughout the video.

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