Gambia’s Mariama Colley Among 60 Most Influential African Women In Media 2021

Mariama Colley - Influential Gambian Woman in Media

Award-winning Gambian actress and media personality Mariama Colley has been named one of the 60 Most Influential African Women in Media 2021 by the Ladies in Media Organization.

The list of 60 features some of Africa’s female media entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and entertainers. This year’s theme is “celebrating the impacts of African women in media not only amplifies the message that women are dominating, and setting the standard of modern media but also pushing pasts the barriers of gender bias.”

Sharing on her social media platforms, Colley wrote, “let’s start this week with some appreciation. I’ve been recognized by Ladies in Media as one of 60 Most Influential African Women in Media 2021. Thank you so much; this means a lot.”

Mariama Colley is one of the most recognized actresses and media personalities in the Gambia, using her various platforms to address social issues like child marriage. Her lead role in the award-winning Gambian flim “MEBET” has landed her numerous recognitions, including the Outstanding upcoming actress award by the Hollywood International Golden Films.

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