Young Gambian Women In The Creative Industry To Follow In 2021

Rising Stars: Young Gambian Women in the Creative Industry

Just interview some of the most celebrated women in Gambia’s creative industry; the story is always the same: having to work twice as hard to earn the same recognition and respect as their male counterparts.
Despite the barriers and stereotypes women face to break the glass ceiling in the entertainment industry, many have succeeded and inspired a whole generation of women in The Gambia. More than ever, more women are fearlessly following their passion in the media and entertainment industry while giving back generously to our society.
This blog will feature amazing, young, and talented women from the West African country –The Gambia-to follow in 2021. These women are at the forefront, winning awards and putting The Gambia on the world map.


When the Gambian music industry was once the sole preserve of men, sister Njie stepped up to blaze a trail where there was none and proved all doubting Thomases wrong.
Sally is the founder of Brand Plus and Wah Sa Halat Music Awards. Starting from humble beginnings, Njie has been very consistent with her work. The radio personality and entrepreneur has fought for the rights of artists in her country and inspired many. She started a radio show – “Wah Sa Halat” creating an open and space platform to discuss the Gambian music industry issues. The radio show eventually became one of the most popular in the country.


Isatou made her name in a male-dominated field in the country. Been a professional photographer, Isatou tells her stories and advocates for girls’ and women’s betterment through the images she captures.
In 2019, Isatou reached another milestone in her career by doing an exhibition of her work. The exhibition dubbed “Redefined: Defying the odds highlights 5 Gambian women who inspired changed in various professions”.
Apart from photography, Isatou is a communication professional, activist, and feminist. She is the co-founder of Equal Now and Catch Them Young –both carting for women and young people.


Before talking about Mariama Colley, let us share with you a story.
A child wanted to act, and many people thought it’s a waste of time. As time goes on, she started to win awards and been recognized internationally. Long story short, that’s Mariama for you.
Mariama is an awarding actress, radio personality, and activist. Her debut movie MÉBÉT has put Gambian creatives on the world map. In 2020, Mariama received the outstanding up &coming actress award by the Hollywood International Golden Films.


Popularly known as Lingerie, Jama jack is a writer, feminist, and communication expert. The award-winning movie, MÉBÉT, centered on child marriage, was initially written by her in 2012. Jama Jack was named among the 100 Most Influential African Youth in 2016, African Youth Award.


Jainaba Sonko is one of the faces and celebrities in the Gambian entertainment and television industry. She hosts the highly-rated youth Dialogue show on QTV.


Aisha Gambia is one of The Gambia’s prolific TikTok stars. Aisha makes hilarious but instructive videos with great moral lessons embedded in them.


Tida is one of the funniest comedians from The Gambia. Her work stands out despite the challenges surrounding the industry she chooses to pursue. Her videos on Instagram generate a lot of followers and engagements.

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