Coming 2 America Movie Poster

After three decades, coming 2 America is finally back on our screens.
Yes, some reunion, lots of laughter and some emotional moments are about to go down here!
Since the release of the first official trailer in December, fans have been anticipating this great reunion of Eddie Murphy who play as prince Akeem-and his friend, Arsenio Hall who played as Semmi.
Now, in February, a second official trailer is out and the movie is set to stream on Prime Video on March 5th, 2021.

In coming 2 America trailer, we see in the Prince Akeem is back to his royal town where is already the crown king—however, he must find his long-lost son as instructed by his father. The reason is to groom him to be a prince as he is the next heir of the Zamunda throne.

The hilarious comedy is rewritten by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris—after the writing of the original script by Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield.

The movie is featuring some of its original stars like Eddie Murphy, Aresion Hall, Shari – as well as new star like Rotimi, Kiki Layne, rick.

As we all wait for March 5, let’s enjoy the second official trailer below. And do not forget to share with us your favorite part in the movie once it starts streaming!

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