Update: Afua Asantewaa’s World Record Attempt Falls Short

Image featuring Afua Asantewaa during her world record attempt.

We have an update on Afua Asantewaa’s ambitious world record attempt for the longest singing marathon. Unfortunately, the Guinness World Records organization has officially disqualified her effort.

In a tweet, the body stated, “Unfortunately Afua’s Guinness World Records attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful, but we hope that she will make another attempt soon.” Despite the setback, the attempt has served as a source of inspiration for her fans.

The tweet further explained that the evidence check had already commenced before Afua requested priority service. As a result, her payment was refunded earlier in the month. Despite the disappointment, Guinness World Records wished Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts.

In response, Afua Asantewaa has publicly assured her audience that she will announce her next course of action in the coming days. While this particular attempt may not have been successful, Afua remains undeterred in her pursuit of greatness.

Stay tuned for updates on Afua Asantewaa’s next record-breaking endeavor.

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