The Sisters Show Has Brought To You A Program Where You Get The Opportunity To Appear On Our Show And Be Mentored On The Spot.

Diverse group of women participating in mentorship program on The Sisters Show
The Mentor on the Spot segment of the show will enable participants to gain insight and industry knowledge from the Ceesay sisters regarding their careers. The aim is to help you be better prepared and to be knowledgeable about experience based issues from the personalized perspectives of the sisters who are leaders in their various chosen careers.
The career fields eligible for the Mentor on the Spot program are:
1. Beauty Industry
2. Technology/Operations (Computer Engineering Fields, Project/Program Managers, Business Analysts etc.)
3. Entrepreneurship (starting a business, building your branding, marketing, social media strategy etc.)
4. Clinical Healthcare (opening your own practice)
5. Medical practice (medical school process)
To stand the chance to be on The Sister Show (Mentor on the Spot segment) here is all you have to do:
1. Record a 2 minute video introducing yourself and telling us why you want to be mentored on the Mentor on the Spot Program.
2. Share your video to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #MentorOnTheSpot #TheSistersShow and tag us @thesistersshow_
3. Invite your friends to follow us and then like, share and comment on your post. The posts with the most engagements are selected as our finalists.
4. Remember that you have to be in one of the above listed career fields or considering to join one.
The Sisters would like the opportunity to mentor 5 lucky women, making their mark with their combined wealth of experience and knowledge in the growth of the five mentees.

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