Tennis Player Sends Gratitude to Her Accentors After Winning the US Open Earlier This Week

Osaka, the reigning winner of the US open have heated this year’s championship in many ways. From wearing a customized mask to show solidarity with black live matters, to sending gratitude and remembering her ancestors. The 22 years tennis professional amazed her fans by sending words of gratitude to her accentors after winning the US open earlier this week. In a twitter post she tweeted; the tennis champion reflected on her origin claiming there is no way she can loss when she remembers the blood of her ancestors that runs in her veins.

“I would like to thank my ancestors because every time I remember their blood runs in my veins, I am reminded that I cannot loss.”

The tweet attracted lot of comments from her fans congratulating her for the win at the US open.

After wearing customized masks to show solidarity to Black Live Matters, this gestured wasn’t welcomed by some people. On Tuesday, Osaka tweeted addressing the people who asked her to separate politics from sports.

Naomi Osaka

“All those people that were telling me to “keep politics out of sports” (which it wasn’t political at all), really inspired me to win. You better believe I’m gonna try to be on your tv for as long as possible”.

Born in October 1997 in Osaka in japan, Osaka and her parents moved to New York when she was three years old.  The champion’s father was inspired to teach her daughters (Naomi and her sister Mari Osaka) how to play tennis after been inspired by Richard Williams.Despite the fact the tennis player was raised in the US, Osaka represents Japan as far as tennis is concern. This led her to decline training opportunity offered by the United Sate Tennis Association when she was just 16.

In 2018, Osaka scored the biggest win of her career, becoming the first Japanese player to win the Grand Slam title.  Not only that but defeating the iconic Serena Williams.Naomi Osaka is first Asian player to hold top ranking in singles. She is a three times grand slam singles champion and is the reigning champion at the US Open.


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