Rihanna is launching a Fenty Perfume, and it’s soon!

Rihanna's Fenty Perfume Launch

Rihanna—is on the move for more money, and we love it!

Imagine now vibing to Rihanna’s song while using your Fenty skincare before applying your Fenty makeup and rocking your Fenty lingerie. And very soon, you will be able to have a perfect scent thanks to Fenty perfume.

The music star turned business mogul has announced her new business expansion of the Fenty brand. This time around, nothing but Fenty Fragrance.
The Fenty brand CEO—share the news on Wednesday in a “cryptic” Instagram post with the caption “FENTYPARFUM COMING SOON.”

The news of launching Fenty perfume is game-changing for Rihanna following the events of the Fenty brand in February. In February, the music star and business partners –LVMH—announced the put-on hold to Fenty fashion house—which was a blow to many. After two years of operations, the pause of the ready-to-wear Fenty brand was to better conditions of the brand.

Rihanna and LMVH—have made a strong emphasis on their intentions to “concentrate on the growth and long-term development of the Fenty ecosystem. This included cosmetics. Skincare, and lingerie”, a pledge that has appeared to be honoured now.

Despite further details about the Fenty perfume is not given, including the scent and whether it’s a just feminine perfume, neroli, and marshmallow. And we expect the Fenty perfume to be a hit.

In 2019, a Twitter trend on Rihanna’s “notorious” scent began where celebrities like Nick Jones and Jennifer Lawrence mentioned Rihanna’s fragrance. Rihanna’s signature scene is thought to be Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy, which has notes of orange blossom, neroli, and marshmallows.

This is not the first Rihanna’s venture into fragrances, though it’s the first for the Fenty brand. The superstar—has her first collection of perfumes in 2010 with Parlux, which was followed by serval others, making it a total of 11 perfume collections.


Source: British Vogue

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