Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena Balances Creativity and Music in Her Latest Creative Era

Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena

Nomuzi Mabena, popularly known as Moozlie, has come a long way since winning the MTV VJ Search 11 years ago. Over the years, she has become a household name in showbiz, making a mark in presenting, music, creativity, and fashion. Recently, Moozlie announced an exciting partnership with fashion retailer Factorie, a brand she has admired for a long time.

The collaboration with Factorie started organically through Moozlie’s engaging social media content, where she showcased her unique fashion sense by experimenting with different outfits. Now, she finds herself as the face of a campaign displayed in stores, marking a significant milestone in the South African fashion scene.

Moozlie, a self-proclaimed fashion lover, is known for her effortlessly extra style. Her bold and over-the-top fashion choices have caught the attention of many, and she’s unapologetically paving the way for her own distinctive brand.

While her influence expands across various creative fields, Moozlie is not just about putting her name on products; she envisions building a brand that goes beyond mere endorsements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she realized the importance of diversifying her income streams and making a lasting impact beyond live performances and gigs.

This realization led to Moozlie exploring creative partnerships with South African brands like Drip Footwear and Era by DJ Zinhle. She has immersed herself in the business side of creative ventures, gaining experience and insights into brand building. Notably, Moozlie has undertaken creative internships, leading to her current role as the creative director of DJ Zinhle’s jewelry and accessories brand.

While focusing on her creative ventures, Moozlie hasn’t forgotten her roots in music. Although she hasn’t released new music this year, she teased fans with a freestyle over an amapiano track in July. With the Factorie partnership providing a financial boost, Moozlie has confirmed plans to use the earnings to record a new album. She’s assembling a writing camp with her favourite producers and writers, hinting that fresh music might drop as early as the beginning of the New Year.

Taking a strategic pause from the music scene, Moozlie utilized this year to solidify her brand and gain a deeper understanding of the business aspects involved. Having previously worked with her ex-boyfriend Sbuda Roc for five years as her executive producer, Moozlie is now stepping into her own, navigating the complexities of the music industry at her own pace.

As the festive season approaches, fans can anticipate seeing Moozlie at major festivals, hosting and performing at significant cultural events. Despite her multifaceted career, Moozlie exudes a sense of comfort and confidence, knowing that she has nothing to prove and is charting her unique path in the entertainment and fashion world.

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