Namibia First Lady Encouraged Women To Break Silence On Cyber Bullies In Viral IWD Message

In observance of Internet International Women’s Day, the First Lady of Namibia Monica Geingos—has challenged women to speak up about cyberbullies.

In the video message that went viral, the First Lady of the South African Country—recalled the cyberbullies she encountered displaying some of them in the video.
Geingos, 44, revealed that she has been subjected to slut-shaming,” and called names such as “fat, ugly, stupid and too ambitious” by cyberbullies. However, with courage, Geingo, “decided that enough is enough” and she “will not be silenced anymore”.

She went further to add,
“When they are not asking when or if my husband will impregnate me… When I’m not busy being a manipulative, deceitful gold-digger,’ I am ‘busy running the country’ as I have ‘bewitched my old Sugar Daddy husband’ who is too blind to see through my feminine charms”

Despite bullying and harassment been a burning issue in societies, victims sometimes find it hard to speak up for themselves allowing perpetrators to walk free.
The First Lady didn’t hesitate to say “When you stand up for yourself… You will be called a troublemaker, too aggressive, too unladylike. That is why many of us prefer not to challenge gender bias. That’s why we endure being called gold-diggers, sluts… Too fat or too thin”.

The former Prime Minister now First Lady—could not end her message without challenging women to speak up when harassed and share a video online using #YourSilenceWillNotProtectYou.

You can watch the Namibia First Lady video message below.

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