Meet some of the powerhouse female entrepreneurs redefining The Gambia’s business industry

Powerhouse Female Entrepreneurs in The Gambia

In the last five years, The Gambia business industry – has witnessed a tremendous shift in business style, models, and delivery. What is more impressive is Gambian women—are at the forefront of making these changes.
It is safe to say; the Gambian business industry will never be the same again with these women taking up space.

However, Gambian women taking up the business space is not something new; women doing petty businesses for a source of living has been in The Gambia for as long as one can remember. Most girls who grew in the Gambia came in contact with business at an early stage through female figures in their lives, be it a mother or an aunt.

On a professional level, women like Ida Saine Conteh, founder of Ida’s Idea tailoring and fashion School, Aja Ceesay, among others, have been doing business beyond the shores of the Gambia for more than two decades, paving the way for the talented young generation of businesswomen.

For Ida Saine Conteh specifically, she was one of the first Gambian women to take African fashion to Europe through her fashion business Ida’s ideas.

Inspired by women before them, this blog post will feature some of the
Gambia’s most talented and creative female business persons.


Adiatou Conteh

Authentic hand-crafted African bags—have never been the same in Africa again since Daraja was established.

Adiatou Conteh is one of Gambia’s most creative business women who saw a missing gap that needed to be fill in the fashion industry. Bonded by strong creative skills and business ethics, Conteh is the founder of the Daraja brand, a retail brand that lavages handmade leather bags from the Gambia. Working with talented local artists from The Gambia—Conteh has taken her space in the business industry.


Mina Jallow

If you live in the Gambia or once been there, I bet you have been to Chop Shop. The food is delicious. I most confess *winks!

Mina Jallow is the founder of Chop Shop, a Gambian-owned restaurant offering exceptional services in food. Been a woman in a male-dominated field in the Gambia—Mina is an award-winning entrepreneur who unapologetically promotes women empowerment through her business. She intentionally creates an “employment strategy leading to a 90% female workforce.”

Chop Shop went from just a restaurant to a food factory— supplying major Gambian supermarkets with seasoned foods such as chicken.


Haddy Faye

Gambia’s Haddy Faye—is one of the most diverse Gambian entrepreneurs with a great taste of success on whatever adventure she embarks on.

The Global Goodwill Ambassador—is the founder and CEO of Absolute Entertainment, offer as artists development, artists management, marketing and branding, and promotion.

Absolute Entertainment—has put together some of Gambia’s most successful events working with local and international artists. Faye is also the founder of the Aliamino foil, the first-ever aluminium foil rolls. Haddy’s entrepreneurial journey mostly revolve around fashion and enntertainment.


Fatou Coker Singhateh

Fatou coker is the CEO of TJ Fashion and Lady Fanta bakery in the Gambia.
After leaving cooperate job to commit to her family fully, Coker started TJ Fashion in 2003.

A family commitment resulted in bigger adventures for Fatou Coker, leading her to create TJ music, becoming a registered music promoter in New York City, Atlanta, and Texas. She used her promotion company to promote African culture and music in the U.S through events and music concerts.

In 2008 during a visit to the Gambia, Coker opened the lady Fanta bakery and
TJ fashion shop in the Gambia contributing to the growth of Gambian
youths—through employment opportunities.


Binta Drammeh

A country without beautiful fashion is a dull one!

Binta is the founder of CuT N Fit tailoring, a business that designs and tailors up to date African outfits in a never-seen way. Before her tailoring adventure, Binta traveled to Senegal to buy goods that she resells in the Gambia.

As a result, Binta’s designs are one of the finest from the smiling coast, worn by many in The Gambia and beyond, including celebrities.

Lilian Aziz

Lilian Aziz –is a woman in a male-dominated field—cars, and we love that! She is the founder and CEO of Ariqcars motors, a one-stop transportation company in The Gambia.

Afriqcars is all about quality and unbeatable customer services. Lilian, whose car journey with cars doesn’t start with Afriqcars, was once Avis manager,  CFAO Motors – Gambia.



With the emergence of various female-owned businesses in The Gambia, there is no doubt that with hard work, access to finances, and resources, the Gambia will become a business hub lead by women.

Currently, numerous organizations are making sure women succeed in business through access to grants and mentorship. Among them is SheTrades in the Gambia, Gambia Women’s Chamber, the Gambia Investment and Export Agency—to name a few. All of these organizations aim to promote, mentor, support, and connect Gambian female-owned businesses.


But wait! Hardworking and fearless women inspired these unique young talents in business; we will be sharing amazing Gambian businesswomen who have paved the way for the younger generation of entrepreneurs. Stay tuned!

Will you love to celebrate any Gambian female entrepreneur? We will love to
hear from you in the comment section.

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