Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! here are some heartwarming fatherhood words from some Gambian dads

It’s fathers day and a perfect day to appreciate all dads and dad figures in our lives, although this can be done year-round.

Many people have appreciated the idea of observing fathers day throughout the globe.

It takes more than pride to appreciate the contributions and sacrifices as most often, their care and love for children are ignored. To every dad who shows up for his children! We salute you.

For every hug, every kiss, every sacrifice, every joke, each time you patiently listen to the younger vision of yourself, each time you have been a role model to your children, each time you change for the betterment of your children, you are the real deal. We celebrate you!

In observance of father’s day—here are few heart-warming words from Gambian dads on how Fatherhood has changed their outlook of life.


Ismael Badjan—videographer

Ismael with his son in African attire

Fatherhood has made me have a whole different perspective about life. First of all, it made me appreciate my parents more, taught me a lot of patience, and made me more attentive to my surroundings. It gave life a whole different meaning in a very positive way.

Now I have a whole new motivation to live right as I will be the first example to my son.


D.Jobz, music promoter and Artist Manager

D.Jobz with his family, including his two children

Fatherhood is noble and incomparable. It has changed so many things in me.
First, it has made me know better how to babysit and pamper. I was very impatient, but Fatherhood has changed that.

Fatherhood has caused me to be very caring and careful. I had relieved my wife from doing many household works and took up a role to be doing so much at home. Fatherhood is beautiful, and I enjoy being a Father.


Pa Modou—President Gambia Music Union

Pa Modou with his daughter

Being a father has allowed me to see the true Meaning of life. The feeling of looking into my daughter’s eyes whiles She smiles back at me is out of this world. Fatherhood has changed me for Good as a person and even more.


Alieu Badara, Gambian Artiste

Alieu with his Son

Fatherhood is the biggest challenge yet the sweetest blessings one can have. Seeing the other half of you every day growing up hoping/wishing to give him or her a better life can change your world in a second; I am more determined to work harder than I ever did in my life to give my kids the best education, housing and life one can ever ask for.

Abdoulie Yuvaa—Digital Strategist

Abdoulie with his son

Been a father has been a fulfilling journey for me so far; I am grateful to Allah. It has helped me see things and how I approach certain things. Been a digital strategist and spend too much time online, I have to be careful of what I put out or say online so that it won’t affect him in the future. You know how things are now with screenshots and all that. It also made me realize that there is more to life than just yourself. I want my son to be better than me. And also have more time to spend with him, more responsibility, etc.

Danny Constant, Actor and Creative Consultant

Danny with his daughter

I’ve always feared my horrible flaws and weakness might be all my
daughter picked out of me while growing; to my surprise, she has beaten my expectations. After two years in a world with female domination, I’m lucky to be her father, for she’s a perfect reflex of her mother, who is impeccably a genius. I pray we do better as men and fathers in keeping our women and girls safe; the better world we seek is at their feet. I strive daily to take care of myself enough to be in the suitable space to show her there still some good in men.


ST Singhateh, Gambian artiste.

ST with his Son

“My love for you(his son)is filling my heart with so much love.”

The award-winning Gambian artist continues to serve as father-son goals– and we love to see that. Hanging out with his son is just one of his regular routines.

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