Ghanaian Songstress Afua Asantewaa Shatters Guinness World Record in Epic Sing-A-Thon

Afua Asantewaa breaking the Guinness World Record in singing

In a stunning display of musical endurance, Ghanaian songstress Afua Asantewaa has taken the world by storm by attempting and successfully breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon with her ‘Sing-A-Thon.’

Afua’s extraordinary feat saw her sing for an astonishing 126 hours and 52 minutes, surpassing the previous record held by India’s Sunil Waghmare, who sang for 105 hours. Her initial intention was to extend the record further, but her medical team, led by Dr. Grace Buckman, advised concluding the attempt due to concerns about sleep deprivation and signs of mental stress after an impressive five days of continuous singing.

While the Guinness World Record body is yet to officially confirm Afua’s achievement, supporters have inundated the organization’s social media, ensuring they are well aware that there is a new record holder in Ghana.

Reflecting on her record-breaking journey, Afua expressed her gratitude, stating, “Your love and prayers gave me the strength.”

The impact of Afua’s incredible achievement goes beyond the world of records, as she has been named Ghana’s tourism ambassador for her exceptional contributions to promoting Ghanaian arts and culture. Afua Asantewaa’s Sing-A-Thon not only broke records but also resonated as a powerful testament to the strength of passion and perseverance in the realm of the arts.

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