Ghanaian Pastor Ofori Who Killed His Wife, Dropped Warnings

Portrait of Ghanaian Pastor Ofori

An Orlando, Florida based Ghanaian pastor, Sylvester Ofori, who shot his wife to demise on Tuesday, dropped tell-tale indications on Facebook about his unbalanced mind and aggressive intent. On Tuesday morning, 35 year-old Ofori trailed his wife, 27 year-old Barbara Tommey, to her work location at Navy Federal Credit Union and unfortunately shot her point blank.

The lethal shooting occurred outer of the bank next to the Mall at Millenia, on Gardens Park Boulevard in Orlando, according to reports. The Orlando police rapidly arrested him, after a hunt. He was arrested in his apartment and taken into charge. Still, the tell-tale signs of Ofori’s liking to aggression were there on Facebook. In his pinned post, he wrote on 22 August, and he said: “When you start looking at people’s heart instead of their face, life becomes clear”.

The statement was almost certainly pinpointing of a bitter love affair with Barbara. On 24 August, he posted: “I truly believe that every single person has to go through something that absolutely destroys them so that they can figure out who they really are”.

On Similar day, he also wrote, “Snakes don’t hiss anymore. They call you babe, bro. or friend”.

On 28 August, Ofori shared another message: “A tiger’s tongue is so strong that it can remove paint from the wall, and help to remove skin from flesh of its prey, classified as the second most dangerous tongue after the tongue of woman.” The posts were exemplified with formidable images of a tiger and a serpent.

A day before he shot Barbara, he also dropped this creepy message: “One thing people gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people, is that their other side is just as extreme.” Then he struck at the bank to kill Barbara. He shot her seven times.

Now, you would be thinking about why we are highlighting all the hints he gave on his social media pages?  The reason is as a society, we often failed to understand these signals, which he was yelling out loud to the world to know. Could we have known something bad is going to happen? I think the answer is yes if those who knew him best paid closed attention. Maybe someone is suffering or maybe someone is about to. We should be observant, we should try to pay close attention on people’s behaviors to understood these signals to save our lives or those around us.

According to Orlando Police, the killing was captured on CCTV. “You can tell that she was surprised by what was happening,” Police chief Rolon said.

So-called Prophet Sylvester Ofori has allegedly been abusing his wife for a long time. Due to the abuse, Barbara was convinced by her family to abscond from him. But Sylvester tracked her to her place of work.

It breaks our heart to know that Barbara took a stand for herself, yet he trailed her and killed her. The Question arises why? Dear sisters, we understand you are afraid, we hear you saying “I can’t do it without him”. But please know you can. You were living a life well worth living before him and you can certainly do it without him, even better. Please remember, you shouldn’t hold onto someone for a minute that starts making your happy marriage into an abusive marriage. Seek help from a safe support system as well as seek legal help but above all, try to safely get out of the relationship to save yourself, but do it on time. We at The Sisters Show will like to share our deepest condolences to Babara’s family. And we are sending love, and positive energy to any woman going through domestic violence at this particular moment. Please remember you are not alone in this world, just try to seek help. You are worthy.

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