First Woman to Win Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for Innovation

Woman receiving Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize

A 26-year-old woman from Ivory Coast has won the 2020 Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Charlette N’Guessan is the first woman to acquire the award, which could transform cybersecurity and assist in restraint identity deceit on the continent. N’Guessan and her team members won the £25,000 award (approximately $33,000) for BACE API, a digital affirmation system that uses Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition to confirm the identities of Africans remotely and in the current period.

BACE API functions by comparing the live photo of an app user to the image on their documents such as passports or ID cards, N’Guessan said. For web portals and online applications that have BACE API in-built in them, users will be confirmed by their webcam to prove their identity.

“For the person attempting to submit their application, we ask them to switch on their camera to make sure the person behind the camera is real, and not a robot” said N,Guessan.

BACE API can be united into already present applications and systems for identity verification and is aimed at most financial institutions on the continent, N’Guessan told CNN. N’Guessan and her team won the Africa Prize for Innovation in a virtual award function on September 3 where the Africa Prize judges and a live audience voted in their side, the Royal Academy of Engineering said in a statement.

“We are very proud to have Charlette N’Guessan and her team win this award,” said Rebecca Enonchong, an entrepreneur from Cameroon entrepreneur and Africa Prize judge in the statement.

“It is essential to have technologies like facial recognition based on African communities, and we are confident their innovative technology will have far-reaching benefits for the continent.”

By far we know that two financial institutions are by now using the software to confirm their identities, and the software examined on an event portal to utilize throughout its identification process. At the time of the global pandemic, BACE API has come out as a viable option to the in-person identification processes used by the majority of businesses, such as fingerprints or private appearances. Companies validate and on-board the latest or present customers without ever meeting them.

The best part is that a woman that too of 26 age has left everyone mesmerized and awestruck with her efforts combined with the teamwork. She is an inspiration to many of us and inspires us to move forward because nothing is impossible when you focus on it.

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