Akon Has Achieved the Unimaginable as An Artist but Can He Pull This Next One Through?

The artist, business mogul and innovator, Akon is doing things bigger than ever before. He Is no longer “just” a musician, song writer and the owner of a record label, Konvict Muzik, but he is now building his own city. Akon City is now official, the first stone has been dropped as he announced on social media.

“The first stone has been dropped for #AKONCITY. May God bless me the opportunity to witness the last one.”

Akon City will be one of a kind not just in Africa but the world at large. In the heart of Senegal, this will be a “futuristic” city that will cost a minimum of 6 billion dollars to bring together. Construction is set to begin early next year, 2021. The government of Senegal has gracefully given 2,000 acres of coastal land for this project to begin.

“I want the buildings to look like real African sculptures that they make in the villages,” Akon, 47, told a masked crowd Monday in the seaside capital, Dakar.”

Although we love it when people are overly ambitious because that is how real changes happen but the idea that the city will have its own cryptocurrency call Acoin, is a big dream to aim for. The good news is Akon City will be self-powered and environmentally friendly. Also, when the vision comes through, this will change the lives of many Senegalese and bring Senegal to the forefront as never done before. This will make for a historical moment for an artist who started his music career by selling CDs to friends and family. Akon is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Konfidence Foundation. The mission of his nonprofit is to empower disadvantaged youths in Africa and the United States. We are wishing Akon the best of luck with Akon City and given his track record on achievements, he may just pull it through.


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