What is the use of applications on our phones if they are not resourceful to us?We live in a business world that is growing every single day and shifting from the traditional ways of business. Thus, having a reliable and efficient app to help us with our daily growth and productivity in business or personal life is a necessity. So, we at The Sisters Show have taken time to do research on the current trending apps,but also resourceful in our everyday lives. Here we bring you five resourceful-mobile apps-that we all need to know about and have on our phones.


If there is one mobile app that you currently need the most on your phone, it’s club house—perfect for networking, interacting and connecting with people who share the same interests with you or introduce you to something new. The app,though restricted to invitations only, is a very resourceful application. Club House allows people to connect and network via voice messaging and created rooms with the app. First, you need to be invited by someone already in a room on Club House then you can create your own room or continue in the room you are in. But one unfortunate thing about the app is it’s not yet available on android—meaning its only on available on iPhone. Nevertheless, the founders are working on its availability on android systems. But hey android users,it will be worth your wait. And by the way, there is also love available on the app lol.

Just recently, senior contributor and writer at Forbes Pauleanna Reid announced she found her “romantic partner on club house” so who knows. (Winks!).


Canva is just perfect for business owners and media houses who are into digital marketing, content creation and social media. The app allows you to create photos and short videos for different purposes.It also gives chance to multiple users on your team to create something on it. So, whether you are a blogger, a social media expert or just in the digital business, Canva is the perfect app for you. It’s available on both Google and Apple store. The app has a free and premium feature which one can use.


Are you craving African stories, or you want to know more about the history of Africa and her people, then look no further. Afrikan Echoes is an audiobooks app that tells“unheard African stories”.
Founded by Ghanaian technology entrepreneur, the app is featuring “50 original and unpublished African works”. The app is due to be launched in march 2021. So, add it to your waiting list and thank us later.


This is not a new app, right? And probably it’s even on your phone. We bring it up here because Instagram has grown to a point where it’s a perfect and secure place for business. whether you are just rolling out your business or you’ve been in it for long, Instagram will sell you to the right people and connections .They have personalised features for every business niche—so don’t worry, you will fit in.


Are you passionate about making short, fun videos? Then TikTok got you covered. TikTok is becoming one of the fastest growing apps globally. The video making app also support black creators—so if you are a content creator and you’re not on TikTok, you might be missing out.


To be honest, the world is getting nosier outside and sometimes we just need something that will help us relax. Calm helps you meditate , relax and sleep with great features including relaxing music. It has a free and premium feature as well. Calm is also available both on google store and apple store.

So, if you are busy or finding it difficult to relax and focus, Calm app will be a good help.

Well,now that you have heard from us, we hope you download these apps and make the best use out of them—connect, network and be productive.

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