Time to turn your passion into a career with these two real-life stories

Although many people have turned their passion and talent into profit-making careers, some are still struggling to achieve that.
When I start writing, I was in the fourth grade but I never thought it will one day pay my bills. My focus was to become a medical doctor, it took me almost 10 years to monetize my talent. How many of you can relate to this story? Many, I bet.

The story above is a common scenario, we tend to focus on other careers that society has convinced us is the ‘most decent jobs’ just to be trap in a job we hate. One of the most frustrating thing in adult life is to be trap in a job you are not passionate about at all. Let us not forget that been uninspired in what you do is not only unhealthy but also unnesceray.

What some do not realize is that they can be happy in what they do while earning a decent income. But let’s be real here, there are risks involve but who lives with taking calculated risks? Here are basic steps on how you can turn your passion into a career with real-life stories of people who have done it already.

Passion and hard work is vital

Most of the time in the African setting when we want to turn our hobbies into a career, our family and societal beliefs tend to be the first thing to block us.
Nigerian professional female football Asisat Oshoala—recently stormed the internet again with her win in Barcelona.

The four-time African woman football of the year broke the unusual glass ceiling, family and societal belief to achieve what she is today. Leaving everything to become a footballer in Africa, a better of fact a female footballer, that was a risk! But it was worthy. According to a BBC Sports publication, Oshoala  “is one of the most decorated African female players”.

As a woman, I guess they weren’t sure(her parents) it was the right move but I had decided it (football) was my path. I know it has to work out for me and could inspire other young girls to break through football” she once told the BBC in 2016.

Sacrifice cannot be  substitute!

Now, you don’t want to dump your source of income l for the passion that is yet to off. So that you need a source of. Keep thaspeakersou might ‘coaches it can help pay the bill widely even be a source of investment for your passion. Popular motivational speakers and life coaches like Jaye Shetty— advise you to focus on your passion during weekends and when you close your full-time job. This is believed to allow you to save up money while building a lifetime career you are passionate about.

Here is a real story we can relate the above to; Medina Senghore a Gambian descendant, recent co-star with award-winning actress Angelina Jolie—in ‘Those who wish me dead. After years of doing other jobs, Senghore starts to ask herself ‘ what do I use to like to do’ and her answer was acting.

After realising that she was missing out on her passions, she started to attend late-night acting class and eventually found a theatre community centred with regular jobs.

Have a passion? Don’t hesitate! Explore it!

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