The Unraveling Drama: Tiwa Savage and Davido’s Instagram Fallout

In a surprising turn of events, the social media universe was set abuzz when two of Nigeria’s music superstars, Tiwa Savage and Davido, recently hit the unfollow button on each other’s Instagram accounts. As fans and speculators delved into the mystery behind the fallout, it didn’t take long for the drama to unfold.

The speculation gained traction as Tiwa Savage, a longtime friend and fellow music sensation, was seen hanging out with Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu. Rumors began circulating that this unexpected friendship might have triggered the rift.

The situation took a messy turn when Teebillz, Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, entered the scene. On social media, he shared what appeared to be a conversation with Davido, accusing him of lacking sensibility and failing in his role as a father to his daughter with Sophia Momodu.

Sophia Momodu found herself at the center of the controversy, with online speculators suggesting that she might be using Tiwa Savage as a mediator to encourage Davido to be more involved in their daughter’s life, consequently labeling him a ‘deadbeat dad.’

Conflicting narratives emerged, with some claiming Sophia Momodu was keeping her daughter away from Davido until Teebillz intervened. The drama escalated when a document surfaced online, allegedly revealing Tiwa Savage’s petition against Davido. In the petition, she accused him of threatening her life and using derogatory language after she posted a photo featuring Sophia Momodu on her Instagram story. Tiwa claimed Davido warned her to “be careful in Lagos, or I’m going to f*** you up.”

As the public remains captivated by the unfolding saga, online speculators are taking sides in the Tiwa Savage vs. Davido showdown. The once close-knit friendship now seems irreparably damaged, leaving fans wondering if reconciliation is possible or if this drama will be a lasting stain on their relationship. Only time will tell as the internet eagerly awaits further developments in this gripping celebrity fallout.

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