South African Star Khutso Theledi Ties the Knot with Italian boyfriend

South African Star Khutso Theledi

In a heartwarming revelation last April, Khutso Theledi, the multi-award-winning South African radio broadcaster, shared the enchanting news of her engagement. The delightful moment unfolded at the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort in Mozambique, where her Italian partner of five years popped the question. Recently, the popular Metro FM presenter celebrated the union in a traditional ceremony, officially tying the knot with her Italian boyfriend of four years.

Overflowing with gratitude, Khutso flooded her Instagram with captivating photos from the celebration. In a post adorned with sincerity, she expressed her appreciation for the outpouring of love and congratulatory messages. “Wearing my heart on my sleeve and at this very moment, proudly living up to the name ‘Jojo tank’,” she shared.

Khutso and her partner, Wamina, were deeply moved by the kindness expressed through the warm wishes. “Our hearts are truly filled with gratitude,” she continued. The couple acknowledged the significance of the blessings received as they embark on this new chapter together. Khutso emphasized the profound joy that the well-wishes added to their special moments.

In a touching message to their supporters, she conveyed, “Your love has added an extra layer of joy to our special moments, and we cherish each and every heartfelt message. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our journey and for celebrating this precious time with us. Your love means everything to us.”

Khutso Theledi’s journey from engagement to marriage resonates with the essence of South African warmth, and her fans have undoubtedly embraced this unique love story with open hearts.


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