South African Fans React to Burna Boy Jumping on Tshwala Bam Remix

The recent release of the Tshwala Bam remix featuring Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has sparked mixed reactions among fans of the original hit by TitoM and Yuppe. Burna Boy, known for his prowess in the music industry, has previously collaborated on South African hits, including the renowned “Jerusalema” remix with Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode. However, not all fans are thrilled about his latest venture into South African music.

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu MFR, widely known as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. His collaboration on the Tshwala Bam remix follows the song’s viral success, which garnered over 11.5 billion views on TikTok through a trending dance challenge. International celebrities like Jason Derulo and Chris Brown also joined in on the craze, further elevating the song’s popularity.

Despite the remix’s commercial success, some fans have taken to social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), to express their disappointment. Habibi, a user on X, voiced his disappointment, stating that the Tshwala Bam remix fell short of expectations. Renowned presenter Lawrence Maleka echoed similar sentiments, expressing his disappointment with Burna Boy’s involvement in the remix. Dj Malone went as far as claiming that the Nigerian superstar had “ruined” the song, suggesting that it would have been better left untouched.

X user Habibi said he was disappointed by the Tshwala Bam remix.

“Tshwala Bam remix was disappointing” he posted.

“Really enjoyed the Master KG remix with Burna Boy but I feel he could have let Tshwala Bami be,” Maleka lamented on X.

Dj Malone also claimed that the Nigerian superstar has ruined the song.

“Tshwala Bam would have just been left alone without the remix. In my opinion, @Burna Boy did not do justice to the remix

However, while most fans think this remix was unnecessary, Tshwala Bam remix has reach top five on the Nigerian apple music app

However, amidst the backlash, the Tshwala Bam remix has managed to reach the top five on the Nigerian Apple Music app, indicating its popularity among certain audiences. This suggests a divergence in opinions among fans, with some embracing the remix while others critique Burna Boy’s contribution.

The release of the Tshwala Bam remix featuring Burna Boy has ignited a wave of mixed reactions within the South African music scene. While some fans praise the remix’s success and its impact on the charts, others express disappointment and believe that the original song should have been left untouched. Regardless of differing opinions, Burna Boy’s collaboration highlights the cross-cultural exchange within the African music industry, showcasing the influence and versatility of artists across the continent, Stay updated with African celebrity news and gossip, with The Sisters Show. Stay updated with African celebrity news and gossip, with The Sisters Show.

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