O Boy And Gambian Child Became First Recipient Of A YouTube Silver Award in Gambian Music History

O Boy and Gambian Child with YouTube Silver Award

The Afro manding music duo Oboy and Gambian child– has become the first-ever Gambian artists to receive a youtube silver award in the history of Gambian music. The award recognizes them passing 100,000 subscribers on the popular video-sharing platform.

On their social platforms, the duo wrote, “thanks to our able fans for making this possible for us. Keep supporting us, and we will keep entertaining you”. At the same time, they challenged every media house in The Gambia to make it a news headline. 

Oboy and Gambian Child are among the most followed Gambian artists on youtube, with over 100k followers and numbers on some of the music videos amounting to 5 million viewers. The duo is known for songs like “Kang Nobbo,” “Ahjindi,” etc., sang in the Mandinka dialect. Their songs are fused with traditional vibes with modern music, resulting in an unresistible Afro Manding genre. The music pair is planning to release their album in 2022, featuring some of west Africa’s most prominent in the world of Afro Manding, including the likes Sidiki Diabate and the talented producer Balla Diabate.

The Sisters Show extends our warmest congratulations to O Boy and Gambian Child.


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